Samsung is helping Apple to increase their sales? Here’s why

You might be surprised to hear Samsung helping their eternal rival Apple! Well, we were too. The reason why they are helping is based on some interesting things that they agreed upon some time ago; and by some time, we mean months or it could be years. So, the answer to the question is given below and to have the full details please read on to the whole article.

The North Korean tech giant makes OLED panels and no one comes near to its sheer intelligence when it comes to competing with its OLED panels. We are stating the OLED point because back in the day Apple had made a deal with Samsung to use their OLED panels in the iPhone X.

Samsung and Apple

With Apple launching the new trio the availability of the iPhone X in stores looks scarce if not out of stock. Before the launch of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, there were many speculations doing rounds over the internet that Apple will wipe clean iPhone X from the shelves. The speculation doing rounds were not completely baseless as the iPhone X does not fit the price line-up with its successors. But it looks like Apple has to start manufacturing last year’s flagship smartphone ‘iPhone X’ once again to abide by the contract’s terms and conditions according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, iPhone X production may start once again as the number of OLED panels which were supposed to be used on the smartphone was not met, apparently, this gives an upper hand to Samsung over Apple to make them follow the rules. This makes Apple to follow and start the production indirectly increasing their sales through iPhone X smartphone.

Still, it is not clear to which market the halted iPhone X will be available, however, the return of the last year’s flagship smartphone will be surely good news for many. It is not known how they will price it and in what numbers they are going to sell the device as there are already 3 new handsets in the market.

For now, it is being speculated that some slashing in the new handset’s price is going to transpire as the sales of the new models are not up to the mark; and it has been observed that iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR have not been received well by the users hence slashing down the price of XR in Japan is an option Apple is contemplating according to the WSJ report.

The production of the new handsets has been cut down as well, indicating the firm is having a hard time to sell their products. This gives them a chance to increase their sales by producing iPhone X at a cheaper price.

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