San Francisco business tycoon Benioff buys out Times for a whopping 190 million dollars

Dreamforce 2016,’s user and developer conference held at the Moscone Convention Center and various hotels in San Francisco from October 3-7, 2016. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)

Marc Benioff is supposed to be like the Salesforce Tower because apparently, he looms over the entire city of San Francisco.

The tower is considered to be the second tallest building at around 1,070 feet that is situated west of Mississippi Mr. Benioff is known to have moved Salesforce into the same in the month of January. This is right before his software company became the largest private employer in San Francisco.

Mr. Benioff who is supposed to weigh around 290 pounds is 6 foot 5 in height along with the fact that he is hard to miss out just like his tower. He is flamboyant, forceful and also quotable. He is believed to be from the fourth generation in the city to have poured around hundreds of millions of dollars into San Francisco.

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This particular week he managed to step out into a broader stage by purchasing Time Magazine along with his wife Lynne for an amount of 190 million dollars. The longtime summit of the East Coast journalism has now been acquired by a westerner after being temporarily owned in Des Moines. It is one of those developments that is considered to be unthinkable to the generations of Time editors.

Mr. Benioff himself did not have any clue that this was coming up. One late Sunday in an interview he states that he had no idea that within two weeks he is going to purchase Times. This is basically a few hours after the deal had been announced.

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The interview can be stated as nothing short of classic Benioff. He states that he did not have any time to get interviewed over the phone due to the fact that he was on the crazy Dreamforce lockdown. This is a reference in regards to the annual Salesforce convention which is going to start next week.  However, he did agree to answer all queries and questions via text. He did deliver his word by doing the same for two hours. This particular deal is the second try at Time which is supposed to be one of the premier American newsmagazines for many parts of the 20th century. When Salesforce was just starting in early 2000 the internet pioneer called AOL had bought off Time Warner for a whopping amount of 165 billion dollars. It started to be called as the deal that would actually lead to uniting the fledging digital world along with the sturdy physical assets with regards to traditional media. It used to be a disaster for the ages.

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Mr. Benioff who is going to be turning 54 by the end of this month states that he will in no way be directly involved with the editorially involved with the magazine. The man according to Forbes is known to have a net worth of around 6.7 billion dollars. He simply ignored the question about the amount that he would be investing in the Times whose visions and resources are known to have shaky over the years.

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