Scratch Map – This product is becoming viral among Travelers

Scratch map Deluxe

Are you a traveler by heart? If yes, and if you are unaware of this product, this news is for you. We are talking about the scratch map, a creative product to track your journey in a fun way. It’s a great product to be inspired to travel around the world.

The number of people who loves travelling is increasing lately because of the rise of the global middle class and international travel becoming more affordable. This is why the popularity of the Scratch off maps is increasing. Frequent travelers usually keep a track by keeping a journal or collecting pictures. Now with this product, it is easy to record the journey and plan it ahead. The product was launched in 2008 and becoming popular by the day. Here we are giving a brief review and tell you if it is worth buying or not.

Scratch Map comes in a sturdy tube packaging which comes handy when you want to carry it. Packaging and map are designed in a way that you can fold it again and take it with you wherever you go.

Inside the packaging, there is a thick gold plated sheet with a black color background which looks like a map with a matte finish. All the places on the map are in golden brown color in general. After scratching, the place will change its color. For each continent or country, there is a specific color. The map is pretty accurate and sturdy with a thick material so that you can keep it with you for a long time. There are some useful Info-graphics at the bottom of the sheet. Most of the part of the sheet has been covered with the Map. It comes with some add-ons like a compass, scratch boot, brush etc. You can also use an eraser and a coin also to scratch the map.

Basically, the purpose of having this map is to scratch off the places you have been to already. Whenever you scratch a particular place it will change the color. Rest of the unscratched places will be in the same golden color which will give you a motivation to scratch more places.

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You can scratch out all the places that you have visited and put it on your wall. The urge to scratch off the whole map will inspire to travel more often. It’s like a personal tracker of your journey.

Scratch Map comes in many variants ranging from the world map to country or state-specific maps. The best selling version is Deluxe edition because of its aesthetic value and printing quality. Scratch map is available on many online stores like with price ranging from $19.99 to $34.99 depending on the variant and quality.

So, should you buy the Scratch Map? Definitely yes! It is a great tool to get inspired to travel to different places. It gives you the determination to go travelling more often so that you can scratch off as much as you can. It is a great gifting option for all the Globetrotters around you. The people who love travelling will definitely love this product.

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