SD Card Formatter & How Do I Format SD Card Quickly

Often your SD card needs to be formatted but doing that is slightly confusing. If you ask Google for suggestions to do so you would be given the choice of using an SD card formatter. Apart from that, you would get the option to run a command that helps to restore a corrupted memory card. Here we give you an idea of both the tricks so you can use them for yourself.

How you may format a corrupted SD card?

You can use an SD card formatter software that helps you to format a card if you are facing problems with it. These software are easy to download and help the user to troubleshoot their SD card without any issues. It is free to download software and you can even create extra partitions if required. Also, you may use it to format other devices as well. You may download the EaseUS free partition manager and start the repair process as per the steps mentioned below.

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Step 1- First of all run the software that you have just installed on your computer. Now right-click the partition that you wish to format. Now choose the “Format” option so as to proceed further with the process.

Step 2- Assign a partition label, file system, and cluster size to the partition. Now click ‘OK’

Step 3- Go to the warning window, and click ‘OK’ to continue further.

Step 4- Click on the ‘Execute operation’ button that is present in the top left corner. You may now review the changes. Moving on you need to click ‘Apply’ and start formatting the external drive or SD card.

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Using the command prompt in order to repair a corrupted SD card

In case you want to repair a highly corrupted SD card you can set a command prompt to do so. The following are some steps that would help you in moving ahead with the process.

Step 1- Type cmd in the start search box to begin with. Now right-click on it to “run as administrator” as the next step.

Step 2- Once the cmd opens you need to type diskpart.

Step 3- After reaching this stage you need to type list disk.

Step 4- Choose the disk of your SD card in order to move ahead.

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Step 5- Now type clean.

Step 6- Type create partition primary.

Step 7- Next type format fs=fat 32 quick.

Step 8- Type exit

Facing problems of a corrupted SD card is a normal occurrence these days. Thankfully there are some ways in which you can mend the SD card even if it is gone berserk completely. Follow the above instructions if you want a quick resolution of your issues. An SD formatter software is pretty easy to use and also does your work as soon as you want. However, you cannot trust just any SD formatter to do your work. Read online reviews and find out about its method of use in order to get the best kind of formatter that is effective as well as practical in usage.

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