Seal team season 5 cast: New Cast Members Plus Premiere Date Info

Seal Team Season 5

Season 5 of seal team is set to premiere on September 25th, 2019! seal team season 5 cast has been revealed and includes new faces that you are sure to love. From the plot details released so far, we know that the seal team will be back in action with more missions in their sights.

Cast and characters:

– James Wilcox as Terry ‘Turtle’ Carruthers (the eldest brother)

– Michelle Trachtenberg as Kelly Carruthers (Terry’s wife)

– Tony Plana as Junior aka “Junior” (a retired Navy SEAL who helps the guys out)

– Lola Glaudini as Tina Carrasco (Chief Warrant Officer of Special Ops for the US Navy)

– Sarita Choudhury as Lt. Commander Raji Parwani (Chief Engineer)

– Corbin Bernsen as Chuck Carrasco (Tina’s husband and CEO of a private military corporation who partners with the seal team to complete missions)

– Greg Grunberg as Mark Seizinger (the seal team’s new contact with the CIA)

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– Kevin James as Jack Pemberton (a professional con man and thief who partners up with the seal team for missions).

Release date:

May 2021.

Plot details and theme:

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The seal team continue to solve mysteries, fight military enemies and take on the biggest challenges of their careers as they are joined by two new members.

-Junior: a retired Navy SEAL who helps the guys out

-Tina Carrasco: Chief Warrant Officer of Special Ops for the US Navy

-Raji Parthasarathy: a seal team member from India

-Tamiko Brownlee: Chief Warrant Officer of Special Ops for the US Navy who is Tina Carrasco’s sister.

Team members: (don’t forget to mention any new characters)

Chad, Tim, Jack Pemberton aka “Junior” and Tamiko Brownlee

The seal team are back for the fifth season and they’re coming better than ever.

The seal team have a new set of challenges. It is interesting to see how the seal team will respond with two new members joining their ranks, and for those who are looking forward to seeing more from Chad, Jack Pemberton (Junior), Tamiko Brownlee or Tina Carrasco’s sister Raji Parthasarathy should be happy.

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What’s in previous seasons?

The seal team are back for the fifth season and they’re coming better than ever. The seal team is deployed on a covert operation against the infamous terrorist, Abu Asir.

Season four of the seal team follows the seal team as they work to keep nuclear weapons from getting into terrorists’ hands in Pakistan and then season five will be focusing on protecting President-elect Hassan’s life at home and abroad after he takes office.

The new cast members for seal team season five are:

– Jon Seda is Allan Maxwell, a CIA officer who is the son of an assassinated Iraqi politician.

– Edward James Olmos as Javier Rodriguez, president-elect Hassan’s former mentor and confidante in Colombia.

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In season three: seal team season three the seal team is going to be handling more complex missions. There are new threats around the world and the seal team will have to respond accordingly

The seal team cast also includes Jamey Sheridan as James Carrick, an American Ambassador; Alex Roe as Chris Larue, a SEAL who recently returned from Afghanistan; Alyssa Diaz as Lola Diaz, the daughter of a Colombian drug cartel boss; Wendell Pierce as Wade Henderson, CIA Deputy Director.

Eddie Kaye Thomas portrays Michael Gaines and Maximilian Osinski plays Peter Stone in the seal team season five cast.

Season two: seal team season two will be set in Africa and Costa Rica. The seal team is going to cross paths with the CIA station chief, Rebecca Emmerichs.

Season one: seal team season one is set in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The seal team is deployed to rescue a doctor who has been taken hostage by Taliban insurgents.

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