Sense 500 smartwatch launched catering Indian market by Molife

Molife which is quite a popular name catering mobile and lifestyle accessory brand has added another cap with the launch of Sense 500. Being a latest smartwatch in the wearable segment, its introductory price for a week has been set at 3999 and not the original price of Rs. 4499. One can purchase the smartwatch on Amazon.

It does have exclusive features which has made it unique considering the 4.3cm or 1.7 inch infinity display with 2.5D curved edges. Apart from the same, it equally comes up with a Bluetooth calling feature. So, if you are wondering what sort of colors, it is available from, well it has two colors Coal Black and Mystic Silver. 

As the introductory offer is limited for a week, so after that people can also buy from Myntra and Flipkart.

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The battery of any product is considered to be the lifeline and the same holds true for Molife and the company promises that it will last for 3 days, since it has a 220mAH battery. The company has further said that if it remains on standby, then it can potentially last for 15 days. 

Being a smartwatch, it has multiple functions. Yes, consumers can also make calls through the same. For those looking for features concerning the health aspect, well it has a 24 hour heart rate monitoring feature. While for females, it also comes up with a feature where they are able to monitor their menstrual cycle. 

The company is at the path of success where the managing director at Molife, Deepesh Gupta seems to be upbeat about how the successful launch of first two smartphones have paved the way for the third one. Yes, the earlier two products were selling like hot cakes where the third one namely Sense 500 has unique aspects in terms of innovation and design. It is certainly a versatile watch.

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The company aims to provide the best Smartphone which can be regarded as a classy one to every India. It also adds to provide the most technologically accepted, innovated and designed product which the consumers can experience for years to come. Yes, it is true that everyone should get a fair deal in terms of the technology on which Indians can have trust and is equally reliable. Similar is the motto of the company which has come up with the technological invention to provide the best product in a budget. 

The Sense 500 has a 1 year warranty associated with the same and the brand is synonymous with hardworking and dedicated team of customer care. In order to give a huge boost in terms of after sales support, the company has associated itself with whopping 350 service centers across the country. So that, the consumers don’t have to experience any sort of issues or problems later on. 

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It is visually interesting and captivating and enhance the personality of an individual. The smart watch acts as your friend in terms of addressing the never ending list of services right at the time when you want and expect it to.

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