SEO rankings: Top Factors

Whenever a site gets ranked below its rivals, it always brings about a sense of anger and disappointment which is why SEO competition research is quite important. 

This research plays a key role in helping one with tactics that can help with the traffic on the website as well as to get ranked higher on SERPs. 

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at some of the major factors that are in play whenever we talk about SERP’s ratings.

Given below are some of the key factors that you should look out for

  1. Spotting of SEO competitors

It is important to know and analyze the strength of rival SEO competitors. Meaning that the web pages that are ranked above and occupy a better place in the SERPs. There are only two main categories that you need to know of

  • Domain competitors
  • Topic competitors

Domain competitors are those websites that simply target relevant keywords and place them to perfection to get a higher rating in the SERPs. while topic competitors are those websites that rank for a chosen number of topics with a limited number of keywords.

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You can get a better picture of these two by seeking help from SEO providers Perth to better understand the topic.

  1. Stick to the right keywords

You need to keep in mind that sticking to the keywords that are used by your rivals may not work in every condition. One of the best ways to make it work is to identify and target the keywords that are steering traffic on the rival websites along with the keywords that are less competitive in a manner of speaking.

You should not just stick to organic keywords, assessing paid keywords can also help us in finding keywords that are super relevant and converting. You will need to use robust tools like SEMrush. You can try to focus on rivals that have a lower-general-counts ranking when talking about niche keywords. 

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One of the best methods to optimize your content with the right keywords so you can get a higher ranking on the web pages is with the use of TF-IDF, which is short for term frequency-inverse document frequency analysis.

  1. By evaluating the competitor’s content

Great content consists of great keywords that attract and engages the users on websites and this type of content is usually posted by leading SEO competitors who rank in the initial positions of the search page of a top-notch search engine.

You can evaluate the content of the rival SEO competitors and analyze their content as that may help you to get new ideas for the web pages that already exist to get a higher ranking. 

You can use a suitable competitive evaluation tool to assess the content of the rival SEO competitors as that can very well amuse you with a load of facts that can better help you with your upcoming content.

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A good firm should always make notes of what the rivals are posting, the quality of their content, and the type of keywords that they are targeting.

  1. By assessing the backlink profiles of rivals

It is quite important for you to where the rivals are doing their research from as that can also help you in getting the upper hand. You can figure out where the rivals are getting their backlinks from and use it to your advantage by building first-rate links that can better help in boosting the position of your website in terms of rankings. 

Although it is next to impossible to track the competitive backlink manually, one can always use efficient tools like the Link explorer to get their hands on the backlinks so they can improve their keyword use as well as the overall rankings.

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