Shekhar Suman questions Rhea Chakraborty for Going into Hiding for 70 days

Rhea Chakraborty has recently shared her relationship with the late actor SSR. Sushant’s father has tagged several revelations against the actress and after Rhea shared her story with the public and the CBI, Shekhar Suman has raised several questions against her. Shekhar Suman had raised several questions saying that each and every person needs to get a chance to speak up. Shekhar Suman went on to ask about the reason for which Rhea had to wait for so long to clear the allegations made at her. The actor further asked what had prompted Rhea to come out and talk right now. He even added on to it saying that what did make her go into hiding for a long span of 70 days thereby citing emotional reasons. 

Suman holding questions before Rhea

Shekhar Suman added on to his speech by saying that why did Rhea Chakraborty not speak upon Sushant Singh Rajput doing drugs. What made him wait for the drug chats to be out? Shekhar Suman even added to it by saying that if she loved him too much, she should not have spoken about someone who is already dead and has gone. It is fact that she has already left the world and now there’s no scope that he is going to get back and defend himself all over again. He even said that Rhea is trying to be “Miss-Goody” and the fact that she is putting down the image of SSR and his family.

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