Shenmue 3 Story Quest Pack DLC arrives next week


Shenmue 3 He will receive his second DLC next week, and will bring a series of new missions that are "full of mystery, intrigue and action." (via Eurogamer).

The first DLC was Battle Rally, which offered "new gaming activities" in Bailu. Basically, it was a race, but the player competed as Wuying Ren and Wei Zhen, as well as Ryo Hazuki. And, I guess it's a new game activity if I wasn't there before. This content package features "new missions full of mystery, intrigue and action," and the hero "will meet a familiar face of the past, Shuqin Zhang, and will quickly be involved in a new adventure where nothing is as it seems." . Those who launched the Complete DLC Collection will receive the products on launch day on February 18. Otherwise, the Story Quest Pack will be priced at £ 4.99 in the Epic Games Store or PlayStation Store.

Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki said he's not done with Ryo Hazuki's saga. "While there are those who wish to see Shenmue alive, I will never give up on my own personal journey to complete his story, ”Suzuki said in a letter to fans. To complete the arc of the brave protagonist, five games would be needed covering eleven chapters, in total. Even if Shenmue 3 If modest commercial success is achieved, the next entry will depend on the associations that Ys Net can attract.

Shenmue 3 Now available for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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