Shopify to integrate latest AR tech by Apple to its platform

Shopify is leaning towards phone based AR in order to make the online purchases look a little bit life like for the users.

The Canadian commerce company made an announcement as of today stating that they have added the support for AR quick look. AR quick look is one of the new features from ARkit 2 by Apple. This is going to be going live along with the ios 12 which is going to be later today and the same is also going to be available for integrations with an around 6 lakh merchants that are currently on their platform.

The merchants are going to be able to utilize the tools in order to upload the 3D models of the products. The users are going to be able to click on the goods within safari in order to view in their real-world environment. Even though viewing such goods is possible in the past with the help of ARkit, this integration, however, will not be requiring the user to download any other app. The user can easily check out the product in the AR with less friction.

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AR is considered to have a lot of potentials when it comes to changing the way e-commerce operates as the users will feel like they can easily gain a better impression of what the physical good which they are buying will look like and also the way it is going to operate in real life. With the tablet and the phone based AR, the real challenge is cluing the users into the fact that all of these features actually exist. It needs to be made more worthwhile rather than a simple gimmick.

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