Showers and Sprinkles: 7 Thoughtful Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower

Baby showers evolved as a lovely way to celebrate a new life’s passage into the world. Baby showers are for the firstborn. Subsequent birth celebrations termed ‘baby sprinkles’ is a smaller party, unlike a baby shower. Baby shower gifts are a vital part of these parties. They are either a pooled one or individual presents by invitees. 

  1.     Think outside the box (house)

For a change of venue, outdoor parties can be arranged. Houses or indoor venues can turn out to be monotonous. So break out into a lawn or arrange garden parties that have fresh air to rejuvenate the guests. 

  1.     Think Co-ed

Women have had a monopoly on Baby showers for a long time. It is time that men are included in the fun. There are chances for a lot more variety when men are involved. The games and events can be arranged to suit all crowds. 

  1.     Go green
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Research says that Australia has lost 25% of green cover in the last 200 years. A sensitive way to help the environment that your baby is eventually going to grow and live in is to have parties centred around eco-friendly practices. 

The guests can be gifted tree saplings. So, as the child grows, the trees would also grow old. The tree would be just as old as the child is and provide him with shade and nutrition. Other practices that cause the least impact on the environment would be using bio-degradable plates and cutlery for food. 

  1.     Plan a couple’s buffet

Every parent needs time off from the constant labour of taking care of a child. So one way to give them a much-needed solace is to have a baby shower organized for parents only and treat them with a couples buffet. Let them bond over shared parenting stories and be free of the stress of parenthood for a little while.  

  1.     A ‘moms only’ shower
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Most mothers have a hands-on role in taking care of a child. They would be grateful for a chance to unwind. Having a moms-only shower could prove to be a great bonding exercise for mothers. 

The expecting mother can take home some great tips on bringing up a newborn. The mothers can show solidarity by having ‘mocktails’ as pregnant women are to avoid alcohol.

  1.     Self-care is self-love

Pregnancy is a stressful period. The rates of both Pre-pregnancy and Postpartum depression is on the rise. Dealing with stress is vital for the health of both the mother and the fetus. Baby shower parties could be organized to revolve around self-care. 

A spa day can be presented to the expecting mother. A manicure, pedicure, and facial can help take the mother’s mind off things for a while. Meditation and other relaxing practices can be added to the agenda for a party. 

  1. Thoughtful gifts shower
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Baby Shower gifts can be given in the form of what the mother will need in bringing up a new child. Gift essentials for the mother and the child. Stretch mark creams, scented candles, and babywear are some of the things that can be gifted. 

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A mother would also appreciate enriching books that could help her with parenting. The invitees and other mothers can record stories that can be played over for the newborn during bed-time. These are some gifts that involve putting some thought into what the mother needs.


Put the needs of the mother first when planning a baby shower. Centring the party around what she likes, her needs, and her wants will be appreciated by the mom-to-be.

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