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Shyft announces that it has raised $ 15 million in Series A funds to make the removal process less painful, specifically in situations where your employer is paying for the move.

There are other new companies looking to offer concierge services for regular removals: I used a service called Moved last year and I liked it. But Shyft is Shyft Co-founder and CEO Alex Alpert (who has spent years in the moving business) told me that there are no direct competitors focused on corporate relocation.

"Even at the highest levels, the process is fully accelerated," Alpert said. "We saw the opportunity to partner with corporations and relocation management companies to create a personalized and technological experience with more options, more flexibility and being able to navigate appointments seamlessly."

Then, when a company that uses Shyft decides to relocate, whether you are a new employee or simply move to a new office, you should receive an email that asks you to download the Shyft application, where you can chat with a "moving coach "who guides you through the process.

You can also catalog the items you want to move through a video call and get estimates of the engines. You will also receive offers related to moving companies such as Airbnb, Wag, Common, Sonder and Home Chef.

And as Alpert pointed out, Shyft also partners with more traditional relocation companies like Graebel, instead of treating them as competitors.

The company was originally called Crater and focused on construction technology to create accurate mobile estimates through video. He changed his name and his business model in 2018 (Alpert acknowledged: "It was not a very popular speech at the beginning: & # 39; Hey, we are building estimation software for moving companies & # 39;"), but technology is still crucial. differentiator

"Our technology is 95% accurate to identify the volume and weight of the movement," he said. "When moving companies know that the information is reliable, they can bid very aggressively."

As a result, Alpert said that the employer benefits not only from having happier employees, but also from lower moving costs.

The new financing, meanwhile, was directed by Inovia Capital, with participation of Blumberg Capital and FJ Labs.

"There is a total misalignment between transactional relocation services and the many logistical, social and lifestyle needs of moving to a new city," Inovia partner Todd Simpson said in a statement. "As companies shift to more distributed work forces and talent get used to personalized experiences, the demand for a cured moving offer will continue to grow."


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