Signs That Your Boiler Will Need to be Replaced Soon

The boiler is like the beating heart of the home and certainly a feature that you want to keep in the best possible condition. There is a misconception that when a boiler reaches a certain milestone it will need to be replaced, but this is not true and you can often keep them in good condition with maintenance. However, there are also some clearcut signs that the only option will be a replacement.

Little or No Hot Water and Heat

The most obvious problem with your boiler is that you are getting little or no hot water and heat. Obviously, this is a major cause for concern (especially if it occurs during winter) and, while sometimes there will be a fix, often it is a sign that this is the end of this boiler’s life and you will need to have a new one installed.

Fluctuating Pressure

It is good practice to keep an eye on the pressure of your boiler. If you notice that it seems to keep dropping even after being topped up (or often is too high), then this is another sign that the boiler may need replacing with a more modern one from somewhere like City Plumbing.

Strange Noises

When your boiler and/or radiators begin making strange noises then these should not be ignored and often is a worrying sign. Banging, gurgling, knocking and ticking are often the kind of sounds that you will hear from a boiler when it is on its way out and it is a good idea to get it checked over sooner rather than later. 

Energy Bills Increasing

Energy bills can fluctuate, especially as the weather changes, but if you find that your costs are on the rise even without a change in usage then this could indicate that there is a problem with the boiler (although it could also be worth looking at switching supplier). Boilers can become inefficient over time which will lead to an increase in your energy bill, which means that switching to a new boiler could help you to make big savings (especially an energy efficient boiler).


Leaking water from the boiler is a cause for concern because it could damage both the boiler and your home. This is why you should contact an engineer ASAP, but often you will find that it means that it is time for a new one.

These are the main reasons that a boiler needs replacing and it is important that you keep your eye out for these signs.

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