SIM only plans from telecom companies

While a decade ago, most people were using their mobile phones mainly for sending, receiving phone calls and smses, in the last few years, people are mainly using their smartphone for accessing the internet, watching videos and using various apps. Hence they are interested in getting mobile plans for their smartphone with plenty of data transfer. Though the telecom companies are bundling smartphones with data transfer, many smartphone users prefer to use their existing smartphones and are interested in finding the best sim only plans available for them.

Data transfer

One of the main factors which a mobile user should consider while choosing the mobile plan is the data transfer offered. The user should be able to estimate the monthly data transfer and choose a plan accordingly. Those who use the phone mainly for making, receiving phone calls, smses will find that the 10GB monthly plan is sufficient. Many people are using their smartphone for making, receiving video calls, watching videos on Youtube and other websites, so they will require a 40 GB monthly data transfer. A few people especially those who have online businesses may be requiring larger amounts of data , so it is better to purchase a data transfer plan of 90 GB, since the additional cost is very less.

Talk time

The mobile plans also usually specify the monthly talk time and the number of free SMSes along with data transfer and other features. Increasingly more people are using chat for communication on their mobile phones, so typically talk time of at least one hundred minutes in one month is usually sufficient for most people. Similarly sending smses is tedious compared to chat, so though the plan will also include thousands of free smses, most users do not send so many smses. For all the plans, incoming phone calls are always free. The user can also make free phone calls to a few phone numbers for the same telecom company.

Free offers

To encourage people to try their plans, the telecom companies are offering a number of free offers. Those who register for the SIM online, will get a free sim. the sim will also be delivered to the address specified for free. Since many employees use the internet more often on weekends when they are free, the plan will also include free data on the weekend. The caller number will also be displayed free for three months after registering. New users can also avail of free subscription to live streaming movies and other channels.

Special offers

Realizing that the well paid corporate employees are likely to spend more, the telecom companies are providing special offers for corporate employees. These employees should use their corporate email id while registering for their SIM. These employees can get free roaming with the plan they choose. There are also additional features available like caller number non-display for those who value privacy at an additional cost. Most of the plans also have a provision for using WiFi calling. A free data usage alert is included for all the packages.

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