Sir Ian McKellen reveals private diaries that he kept while doing The Lord of the Rings


It's hard to imagine that two whole decades have passed since Peter Jackson's epic The Lord of the rings The trilogy was launched. Still held in the highest esteem, the three-level fantasy is just one of those franchises in which one cannot help wondering how it was to have been there on the set.

Well, don't ask yourself more. Sir Ian McKellen has recently posted on Twitter about how he kept a newspaper while filming the three movies, which he now publishes as a blog. In the tweet, Gandalf himself says he joined the rest of the cast on January 10, 2000, ready to begin the film adventure bigger than life. And while he was making the movies, he had a diary going on that documented his experience.

This new and revealing daily will surely excite Lord of the Rings fans, in which the gentleman actor becomes lyrical about his 12-hour flight from Los Angeles to Wellington, round-trip discussions about how the beard should look, the world premiere, to finally say goodbye to Gandalf and more.

"For the second test, Peter Owen, who had not had much confidence in her or in the whiskers that hid my cheeks, cut the beard carefully. Once he trimmed everything, I saw a flash of the severity of the old wizard. I smiled. and I tried a glow from Gandalf, the Hobbits friend who admires his spirit and sociability.

In an early entry, he mentions how filming began without him because he was elsewhere while taking on the role of Magneto for the 2000s X Men. It is a bit impressive to read the personal thoughts of someone who, at that time, played two of the most important characters in popular cinema and created a fascinating material.

“Then the journey has begun without me. On Monday, October 11, Elijah Wood and others met at Hobbiton, and I heard they are behaving well! I've been in Toronto, dressed as Magneto, the master of magnetism, on the set of "X-Men" by Bryan Singer. I just sent Peter Jackson an email of good luck. I don't expect an immediate response: directing a movie takes a long time. "

Most of our diaries are probably banal words compared to those of Sir Ian McKellen. Most of us have probably never finished a full diary, but when you are one of the most beloved actors that stars in an emerging gem like The Lord of the rings, damn it, you'll make sure to lower everything you can.

For anyone interested (and who wouldn't be?), You can access McKellen's diaries through the previous tweet.


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