Skibidi Challenge – a challenge so weird yet intriguing

Gone are those days when people used to do the dangerous Kiki challenge where
people had to come out of the moving vehicle and perform some dance steps on
the road. Even warnings from the city cops could not keep the fans from trying
steps of Kiki challenge and eventually has claimed several lives around the world.

Good news for the challenge takers is that a new video clip was introduced to the
world and within a week the video racked up more than 20 million views and
inspired Skibidi challenge. To be honest, as of now no other band is making as
good entertaining music as Little Big band . The Skibidi challenge was made viral
by Saint Petersburg’s group Little Big that was released on 5th October. This
challenge had spread like a wildfire and since then it is not stopping to amuse the
people who are watching it. In this video clip, the characters constantly dance
even in their everyday situations. From school children to the middle-aged group
everyone is trying it; in fact, even the host Ivan Urgant has tried the challenge.

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skibidi challenge

Although the steps of the Skibidi challenge look like a walk in the park, however,
its steps are harder than you think. To get acquainted with these dance steps one
needs to watch the video carefully and should try to master one dance move at a
time. It may look funnier when people get the steps wrong and look like a fool.

However, people just don’t stop there; they try until they master it completely.
The musician encouraged the fans to make their own version of dance moves
under the hashtag #Skibidi challenge and it turned out to be a flash mob.

This is not the first time that they have entertained us with their peculiar style of
music video yet entertaining. The Russian rave band firstly caught our attention 4
years ago with their delirious clip ‘Every Day I’m Drinking,’ and have not stopped
their maniac energy ever since. They have already delivered at least 20 music
videos and all with varying degrees of awesome.

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In the simplified form the new dance steps, “Skibidi challenge” can be done while
walking down the street, purchasing beer, and even at the time of bathing, isn’t it
funny and entertaining to listen? Well, it sure is funny and entertaining.

It is been a couple of days that the video is causing mayhem on the internet,
however, there are several other entries, of which this one so far is our favorite.

So just gear up to inspire yourself to create some situations and use these dance
steps in that particular situations. I am sure these dance steps will go viral as soon
as you use the platform like Instagram or Facebook.

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We hope you will enjoy taking this challenge and will also inspire other people to
take up the challenge.

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