Sky Mobile has one of the best cheap SIM deals only … for a limited time


With the likes of Smarty, Three and Vodafone struggling to ensure the best offer of unlimited data SIM, Big Data fans have many options to choose their next SIM. But what about those who need something cheaper? Sky Mobile has just taken a step forward to offer a solid option.

By achieving a good combination of price and data, Sky's latest SIM only offer assures 10 GB of data for only £ 10 per month. The only problem in sight here is the time you have to get it, as Sky will launch this plan on January 23.

Of course, if you can act fast, this will be an ideal SIM plan, but if you can't, there are many other options for those with a limited budget. Below, we list all the details about Sky's offer and a list of similar SIM offers just to find out if the deadline expires.

The economic offers of SIM only from Sky:

Sky only SIM plan The | 12 month contract | 10GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 10 per month
Are you looking for a cheap SIM plan? Sky's latest offer fits the bill well. It gets 10 GB of data for only £ 10 a month. But if you're interested in Sky's SIM plan, you'll have to hurry up with the End date set on Thursday, January 23.
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What other cheap SIM deals are there only?

There are a number of competing offers that are similar to Sky's previous one, however, we would say that Three or Smarty are your best options at this time.

Go with Smarty and you will find a flexible 1 month contract. They have a number of cheap SIM offers available at the moment, but the best ones are their 50GB plan for £ 15 a month or their 30GB plan for £ 10 a month.

Instead, look for the most recognizable name of Tres and the contracts will be extended. Three has data of 8GB for £ 8 per month, which will be perfect for those looking to go even cheaper or a 12GB plan for £ 10 per month.


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