Solo Leveling Chapter 120 and its Countdown

It’s a web novel by Chugong from South Korea. It has been published as of 25 July 2016 on Kakao’s internet comic and fiction network, KakaoPage, and since 4 November 2016 it has been distributed under the D&C label of Papyrus Media. 

The  Plot:

Since the door to a world full of monsters and animals of all kinds has opened, a number of people gained power and the ability to destroy them. Sung Jin-woo, the main character of the book, has an E rank and is barely stronger than an average human. His buddies called him the ‘weakest’ hunters. One day he and the other hunters are locked up in a very dangerous dungeon and a few of them survive and escape. The only one in the dungeon to complete all tasks is Sung Jin-woo himself, who leaves closely. Then he becomes a “player” who now sees an interface that displays his searches, numbers, stock, stores and levels.

Updates of Solo Leveling:

Solo Leveling 119 was released just now but fans are already curious to know when Chapter 120 will be released in their area. Mangas, webtoon, or even traditional graphics novels, which have undergone an enthusiasm and anticipation close to that of Solo Leveling, result in a season 2 premiere. Fortunately the series did not displease the only real surprise that we got nine wonderful chapters from the new season, after coming back in early August. So, the date we expect Chapter 120 to be published around the world.

About Spoilers, Leaked Recently:

Here they leaked about the Solo Leveling Chapter 120 by some spoilers, that has been listed below.

  1. The following chapter will primarily concentrate on this A-Rank dungeon’s natural setting. Beru could kill almost any zombie creature on his way with the other Shadow rodents.
  2. On the opposite, the hunters of the Knights Guild would merely amass the river-pillar. The next step would also reveal Beru’s healing power even better than a status quo.
  3. In an instant, Beru and the fourths will destroy almost everyone in the dungeon. Park Jon Soo then decides to take the boss off the dungeon and collect the remainder of the road as soon as possible.
  4. Yet the Arch Lich is the master of the dungeon. In reality, Arch Lich is a kind of necromancer who could contain the dead.
  5. We see the predators wish to conquer people who kill monsters at their best. Jin-Woo had to quit the other because he really had to go and repair something important.
  6. Oppa succeeds with his sword in destroying a creature.
  7. The only one who completes all trials inside the dungeon, Sung Jin-Woo himself is hardly awoken. Then it becomes a “participant,” who can now see a searching gui.
  8. Each defeated monster is expected to stand because Arch Lich governs both of them. The hunter of the Knights Guild can just hope that Beru can somehow defeat the Arch Lich.
  9. Hunters understand how well an Arch Lich has been good. It’s going to be hard to overcome the Arch Lich even for a Srank hunter. But in no time will Beru be released from the supervisor.
  10. Nobody will liquefy him to get Beru.
  11. Jin-Woo left his team via your dungeon to look after something important, and the hunters hunted the critters that attacked people.
  12. Jin-Woo is at the very top of the call at maximum pace.
  13. In the meantime, Oppa is able to dip half the beast with her sword. A set of green monsters lying before people are destroyed.
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