Some researchers warn against using pet names as passwords

It seems that pet lovers have taken the love and association with their pets too seriously, that they are unknowingly committing a mistake of using the favorite names of their pets as passwords. 

Yes, the survey has come to the fore which speaks about the extent of vulnerability which the owners are surrounding themselves in, without being too concerned and careful. 

The data by The National Cyber Security Centre has also thrown light on how 15% of people don’t have a problem in using the names of pets, while 1% less, that it 14% prefer using the names of their family members as password. 

While people use specific and prominent dates a password as well, as they are roughly 13%.

In the wake of increasing threats, The NCSC has requested people to strictly use random passwords which make it difficult to be projected, understood, and in short guessed. 

However the thing of respite remains where 40% of people spoke about how sensitized they were actually, where they never have to use any of similarly guessed passwords. 

A national where people have love for their pets is absolutely remarkable, but using them in such a way where it can potentially prove to a disastrous can’t be justified at all. 

Yes, cyber criminals are always on the lookout of such easy targets that unknowingly fall prey to their evil designs. 

There is great possibility of how pet names have easier mechanism to be cracked. You simply need to try your luck with favorite or prominent name in the form of Coco, Bella, Milo, Luna etc. The same mechanisms is usually picked by criminals who after gaining access to family names or birthdays try to unlock by using these vital information. 

History has shown the extent of accounts which have been breached in similar fashion as it will only pose graver problems. 

The survey also speaks about the sorry state of users who still haven’t understood the importance of a random password, which offers a difficult phase to be unlocked by hackers. But, it is an unfortunate scenario, where people are still using the simplest of passwords and are very much contend with what they are actually doing. 

The extent of problems are now compounding when people are reporting about their Instagram accounts being hacked as the emails continue to increase, which shows a gory side for sure. 

It is true that confidential information spreads in hacking community for a small percentage of charge and has become the obvious business of hackers.

The NCSC has issued an advisory for people to use three random unconnected words for making the password strong. For example, “SkyTreeRed” as it is highly unlikely that it is used elsewhere. Make it further strong by adding symbols, exclamation points etc

It is also requested for people to regularly change their passwords on regular basis, so as to enhance the level of safety and security as no compromise can be done on this aspect. 

The lockdown has further increased the dangers as hackers have resorted to such unethical practices to make quick money.

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