Spider-Man defeats one of the strongest beings in Marvel in a fist fight


Spider-Man may be a lightweight compared to Marvel's powers, but he once defeated Firelord with cosmic energy using only his spider strength!

One of the things he does Spiderman attractive is that he is not omnipotent. Although Peter Parker possesses superhuman strength, the villains he has to contend with generally outmatch him in power, forcing Spidey to devise unique strategies and tactics to overcome his enemies. Occasionally, Spidey receives a power boost, especially when the Enigma Force made him Captain Universe, but as a rule, he's one of the least powerful superheroes.

Surprisingly, though, Spider-Man once shot down someone much more powerful than it was, using only his "regular" spider strength. It sounds impossible, but Firelord, a former Herald of Galactus who possesses the Cosmic Power: One of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe – Once found himself completely overwhelmed by the stray superhero Spider-Man.

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To really appreciate how crazy this is, one must realize that the power of Firelord is on par with Silver Surfer, one of Marvel's most OP heroes. Thanks to the Power Cosmic, Firelord is able to survive (and travel) in outer space, can shoot massive powerful cosmic flame rays from his hands or his weapon / personnel carrier, and move at speeds faster than light. Needless to say, he is incredibly strong (capable of lifting over 100 tons like the Silver Surfer) and also has a warrior mentality, meaning he sees his power primarily as a weapon that he can use in battle.

All of this meant that Spider-Man was in the fight of his life when Firelord fell to Earth for a visit in The Amazing Spider-Man # 269. Since Earth's pizza is considered a culinary delight unlike any other in the universe (yes, actually), Firelord decides to try the food for himself, but he excessively melts the ovens in a pizzeria to spit it out when the owner said that They needed to warm up. Mistaking him for a mutant, some construction workers attack him, causing the former short-tempered herald to defend himself and nearly kill some of the men.

Naturally, Spider-Man sways to save the day, but he quickly meets a being who seems completely unstoppable. Although Spidey's speed keeps him one step ahead of Firelord's explosions (and even allows him to steal his "Firestaff" weapon) he realizes he's completely outmatched. Facing such an opponent, Spider-Man resorts to some desperate strategies. He tricks the Fire Lord into flying through various buildings, but they barely slow him down. Get the Fire Lord to fly into the East River, but the waters won't put out their flames. He even considers simply going back to Peter Parker and hiding from his enemy, but realizing that he can't let Firelord hurt other people during his rampage.

Upon re-attacking his enemy, Spider-Man gets Firelord to follow him into the subway tunnels and gets a train to hit him, but Firelord simply melts through the structure. To avoid endangering more civilians, Spidey takes Firelord to a demolition site and has workers blow up a building once he leads Firelord inside. Even when this it doesn't work, get the Fire Lord operate a complete service station, creating an explosion that can be seen throughout New York. Of course, since Firelord is literally always on fire and he has survived flying through the suns, this does not stop him either.

Spider-Man defeats Firelord in The Amazing Spider-Man # 270

Finally, unable to see any other options, Spider-Man simply begins attacking Firelord, relying on his spider sense to keep him out of the cosmic being's reach. He punches Firelord so many times that he basically passes out, only stopping when Captain America and the Avengers arrive on the scene to inform him that Firelord is already unconscious. According to Cap, Spider-Man's last desperate attack was so fast and powerful that Firelord couldn't lay a hand on him.

Considered one of Spider-Man's biggest fights, not just because of the result, but because of Spider-Man's refusal to back down from impossible odds, Spider-Man vs. Firelord shows what the webslinger is really capable of when pressed. Limits While Spidey always downplayed his power levels to avoid hurting people, his battle with Firelord shows just how powerful Spiderman it really can be.

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