Which Is The Best Institute Sri Chaitanya Or Narayana? Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana: True Review

Students and parents are highly confused about which institution is better for their children and that’s obvious to be curious while choosing an institution because a good institution will give a proper structure to a child’s future. You are here to know about which institution is best for your children and mention not, you will get enough idea about these both institutes.

  In this article, you will see a brief comparison of SRI CHAITANYA VS NARAYANA. Let me give you an idea about what will be considered in this article, Which has the best faculty, teachers, and preparation during the lockdown. Stick to the end of this article, you will be able to choose one of them for sure. Let’s just dive into it.

Which Has The Best Faculty

When it comes to faculty there is no institution that can stand in front of Sri Chaitanya Institute not even Narayana. Let’s first talk about Sri Chaitanya’s faculty.

 Sri Chaitanya’s Faculty makes it unique and different from other institutions. It is the main reason for the high success rate of it. The way they treat children, the facilities they provide are just world-class. Let’s take a look at a few facilities of this institution.

Weekly Conducting Tests

After learning topics briefly by teachers. Teachers start taking weekly tests of students to know about student’s capacity of understanding. They look out for every kid that they are able to study properly or not. 

 Study Materials that provided by Sri Chaitanya

The study materials that they provide are the best for every student. These materials are the most effective for studying. And the language that is used is very easy and understandable. 

  In Narayana, you wouldn’t be able to get any of these facilities. The teachers of this institution don’t give proper attention to the students. Students find many difficulties in studying here. And they don’t even care that students are understanding concepts or not. Teachers of Narayana are not engaging with students at all. 

Teachers of Sri Chaitanya

Teachers who teach there are experts in their own subjects. The teaching method they use to teach is the world-class level. They know how to teach students properly. They teach every concept very briefly so that any student should not face any problem while doing self-studying. From basic to advanced concepts, they teach it very simply and students can understand it easily. 

Also, the teachers know that sometimes a few concepts are not understandable at once, therefore they give freedom to students to ask any doubt and they clear their doubts so that any student would not face any hurdles while doing self-study.  Now let’s talk about Narayana’s teachers 

Teachers Of Narayana

The teachers are not that much good as Sri Chaitanya’s teacher. The teachers don’t teach concepts briefly, because of this students are not able to understand basic and advanced concepts. They don’t even clear the doubts of students. This is a huge disadvantage for those students who are studying there or planning to take admission. 

 You got to know about the most essential part which is always considered by parents while choosing an institute for their children.

Facilities they provided During Lockdown COVID-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic when the world was locked in their homes. No one was allowed to come out of their home except the doctors, police, and road cleaners. 

 Students were also stuck in their homes. They were not able to continue their studies. There was no one to help them in understanding the advanced concepts. But, when no one was highlighting the student’s problem then Sri Chaitanya stepped forward and started online classes to help their fellow students. They kept a session to solve a student’s doubts and that was a great step. They also continued to take weekly tests. They provided everything that they were providing in the before. This step proved very helpful for every student.

Narayana also started online classes but they were not able to provide the best possible teaching quality. The teachers were only teaching, not clearing any doubts. During this pandemic, Narayana’s students were facing many problems in studying. 

 So, this was the comparison of SRI CHAITANYA VS NARAYANA. I hope you have got enough knowledge about these both institutions. And now, you are able to choose one of them. So, in my opinion, you should choose Sri Chaitanya over Narayana because Sri Chaitanya is far better than Narayana.

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