SRK Canada to takeover Sudbury tech firm LTI

SRK Canada did absorb the LTI which stands for Labrecque Technologies. The LTI is Sudbury-based mining simulation software. This software is taken up due to a merger that has consolidated a long-term global partnership.

There is a statement from both the companies which state that both the companies did work with each other previously before this especially on an underground mining project in the UK, Philippines, Russia and North America. In the recent times, both the companies are known to work for North America on the Palladium Lac Deslles mine that is situated in Thunder Bay. They are working together in providing the ongoing simulation models for the Goderich salt mine that is situated in the south-western Ontario.

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The demand for the simulation via the help of computer modeling is growing continuously and rapidly. According to Mr. Pierre Labrecque who is the President of LTI states that now that the LTI is going to be operating as a business unit under SRK Consulting, they are finally going to be able to provide much better value to their clients. This is going to be done by continuing the collaboration further along with SRK specialists all across the world.

Labrecque states that LTI has a decade of experience when it comes to the application of industrial and mechanical engineering regarding the methodology of mining. It did help the clients plan expansion with the help of discrete event simulation models. It also helped in evaluating design along with processing options, predicting performance, optimizing production and development, identifying and overcoming bottlenecks and also accessing the impacts of the incorporation of new technology and equipment into the existing systems.

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According to Mr. Gary Poxleitner, the SRK Sudbury practice leader states that the connections with LTI on the mine plan optimization is going to be increasing the owners and operators confidence in the mining plans. He further states that they are going to develop with them so as to improving the economic valuations.

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