Star of the Dark Knight trilogy reportedly seeks to restart Blade


The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have suffered a setback when the Phase Four board was delayed for several months in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean Kevin Feige and his team have simply brought down tools, with the brain behind the universe. Shared, no doubt, working feverishly behind the scenes to plan what will happen next.

Phase Five is already beginning to take shape, with Captain Marvel 2 now officially join Black Panther II in having a confirmed launch date and the third deliveries both in Ant Man Y Guardians of the Galaxy The franchise is expected to join them. However, one of the newcomers to the MCU is Mahershala Ali. Sword, and while not yet confirmed, Phase Five appears to be the most likely destination for the rebooted Daywalker to return.

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Aside from Ali himself, no one else is linked to the project so far, though with the movie reported to be in theaters by 2024 at the latest, companies will need to start taking up again soon. In addition to a director, writer, and the entire crew, the cast of supporting characters will also need to be completed, and we've now heard that Marvel has its eyes on a former DC alumnus to play the role of Blade's friend and mentor, Abraham. Whistler

According to our sources, the same ones that told us that the She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were going to Disney Plus long before they were announced, the studio is said to be looking at Michael Caine for the role of Whistler. While the friendly and jovial Caine would certainly mark a deviation from the surreal, alcohol-soaked version of Kris Kristofferson's character, the wise old mentor is the kind of thing the English acting legend can do while sleeping – and that's it. has done countless times before, most notably in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

That being said, Whistler needs to feel like someone who can act as a vampire hunter, friend, mentor, father figure, and partner in crime to Sword all at once, and if you're talking about a perfect casting for the role, then my suggestion is that Marvel can also pick up the phone and call Sam Elliott. Alternately, we've also heard that Ed Harris is another option if Caine doesn't work. However, either way, it looks like the casting is heating up now and we look forward to receiving some official announcements soon.

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