Steps to Link Aadhaar with SBI Bank Account

An Aadhar Card offers a unique number which separates every individual across India. Yes, the number is different for everyone. It is basically a biometric document which works towards safely storing the personal details of an individual by the government. More so, as in today’s era the government wants to have the individual database of everyone. Furthermore the importance of Aadhar card is also to ensure that welfare schemes reach the deserving citizens. 

Let’s now consider two ways of linking Aadhar Card with SBI Bank Account:-

Before we tell the steps to Link Aadhaar with SBI Bank Account, make sure that you have your Aadhar card ready where the 12 digit number is clearly visible 

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Internet Banking offers a simplified and easy process for the bank account holders who have already registered with net banking facility to link Aadhar through the same. 

  • So, once you have gone through the official website,, under “Personal Banking” provide your log in details that is your id and password, then follow the detailed steps
  • While you look at left hand size, you will automatically see the option of “My Account” so click on it
  • Thereafter, you will see the option of “Link Your Aadhar Number”
  • This is the step where your SBI account number will be linked with your Aadhar, so simply choose the Account Number
  • Now, this is the time for you to type in your Aadhar Card details, that is the 12 digit number and then click on “Submit”
  • Thereafter, you will get to see the last two digits of your mobile number which you have actually registered
  • In order to get a confirmation that your bank account is actually linked with Aadhar card, you will get a message as well as an email telling you about the successful linking of the same. 
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As we are talking about safely doing money related transactions, so naturally money is important and so is the right guidance of generating safe it through experts who can actually help you. Likewise, ifinancebox is an online portal where you can get series of finance related knowledge

Link Aadhar with Account using SBI Mobile App

The mobile app of SBI is popularly referred as YONO SBI. So, as an app user, do you know that you can actually link your account right from your Smartphone in just few simple steps? Yes, indeed. Let’s take a look at the process:-

  • You naturally require a PIN to login the app
  • Can you see Menu Tab? (It is 3 lines on top left corner) While you get it, then select “Service Requests”
  • Move to settings, then to “Manage Profile” which you can see under “Personalization”
  • Now, you will see the option to enter the Aadhar Number and simply move forward to complete the whole step.
    But not before, you will actually receive an update and information through SMS about the fact that you have successfully linked Aadhar card.
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Finally, this is how you covered the aforesaid mentioned two processes with ease. So, choose the one according to your convenience. 

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