Story of Richard Ramos – Rich of Greedy Gang

Singer Richard Ramos
Singer Richard Ramos

Richard Ramos, known to the world as ‘Rich of Greedy Gang’ is a San Antonio based artist with great proficiency. 

Sometimes we all get overwhelmed by questions and doubts leaving us feeling low and in a state of self-introspection. For a brief period, the state of affairs had not been in favour of Rich, therefore, he went on for a two-year hiatus in order to empty his mind of negativity. A storm of emotions was experienced by him as he felt burdened by the worldly affairs but now he has left the baggage of the past behind and is filled with power and robustness than ever before.

We all know, one of the hardest and wisest battles we fight is between ‘hanging on’ and ‘letting go’, Richard has finally made his decision of letting go the past which has proved to be vehement as we look at his achievements. 

Richard Ramos was greeted and welcomed in a hospitable and positive manner which has dethroned the negativity and blunt emotions going on in him. The company you are in is a key factor that triggers your emotions and for someone coming off a hiatus, it is foremost to have a positive environment around you.

Rich’s album ‘Farewell Welfare’ has been a showcase to the potential brilliance and flair he has in his artistry. His work was appreciated by being placed on World start hip hop Media and also chartered #1 on Apple Latin Music charts establishing his fine craft to the world.

His achievements did not end here rather they started with his album and he had a successful run with visuals mainly Babygod, Trapkumbia God and Ese Talk. The day-in and day-out dedication for the craft has created a substantial mark that has been applauded and loved by a lot of people

They say success is not an activity but a process and Rich has proved it to be true. Having no management or investors Rich has put all his blood, sweat and tears into his art. This extreme hard work did pay in the form of a million Spotify streams and near to two million on Apple INDEPENDENTLY. A lot of artists fail even after having a huge team behind them and Richard Ramos has stayed as strong as the lion working and managing everything alone.

We all strive for more, we all strive to be better than yesterday and with this thought, Rich’s dedication and diligence are always towards creating an even promising future. This conscientious is the reason for his shinning and dazzling future along with the hope he sparks for the people around him. People from his city keep high hopes from him and bless him to achieve all that he wants and desires. Plenty of people look up to him for inspiration and success.

Rich is like the sun representing life, influence and strength which is on a constant run and spreads it’s glare and light everywhere. We too hope for lots of achievements and victories to come Richard Ramos’s way and that he must remember, “The sun is alone too but shines!”.

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