Stranger things that fans are freaking out about Hopper's return


Netflix left Strange things Fans were stunned this Friday morning, offering our first look at season 4 of the successful supernatural drama. The 50-second clip took us to Soviet Russia, where a group of workers was busy cleaning the railroad tracks under the instruction of the armed guards. However, the final seconds of the advance reveal that Hopper is among these workers. Yes, David Harbor police chief Hawkins is not dead. I mean, he's trapped in Russia somehow and half a world away from his loved ones, but at least he's alive.

The combination of a surprise. Stranger Things 4 The promotion and confirmation that Hopper is still alive has led the fandom to a crisis. As it can only be properly communicated by an agitated Michael Scott.

Shout it to the four winds!

If Hopper is back, then surely we have more of Joyce and Hopper together. The world always needs more of Harbor and Winona Ryder.

Similarly, Hopper's relationship and his adopted daughter Eleven is another fan favorite. And fans expect the superpower teenager to lose him when he discovers that the Russians captured his father.

Thank you, Netflix, for giving us the best Valentine's gift we could have asked for.

Among the happiness surrounding Hopper that is still alive, some already theorize about the darkest repercussions of their current situation. What if the Russians have messed with his head and he doesn't have his memories?

Speaking of which Hopper basically became the Winter Soldier, Harbor genuinely joins the MCU this year in Black widow, in which … guess what? – will play the Russian superhero Red Guardian. 2020 is the year that David Harbor pretends to be Russian.

Stranger Things 4 It doesn't have a release date yet, but it is believed that it could fall on Netflix in late 2020 / early 2021. It will be a difficult wait …


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