Stuck for 6 days, ‘Ever Given’ now afloat

NewsDio desk : The world attention was on the cargo ship after pictures of ‘Ever Given’ stuck on the Suez Canal were circulated.

The blockage has been a serious affair since it directly links Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea which becomes the direct mode of transportation for ships from Europe to travel to Asia. However, six days of blockage has resulted in affecting whopping 12% of ships since they were stranded hoping to get a clear passage very soon. 

Hence, it directly affected essential supplies in the form food, oil, clothing etc. 

It became quite a herculean task given the massive 1,312 foot long ship to remove from the passage.  

Although, a big achievement is made, yet considering its massive build-up it has to be maneuvered into the deep waters so that it can resume its operations. 

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Likewise, over 300 ships which are struck can gain entry through the passage to reach Asia. 

The refloating of the vessel is part of the constant efforts of the authorities who deployed heavy machinery to dig around the ship’s bow while at the same time various boats were deployed to extract the 200,000 ton Ever Given. It has been more than a week since the efforts are in progress as the authorities know that time is the real factor where increasing number of ships are going to be struck based on additional delays.

It basically comes to massive monetary loss since the products don’t reach on time. 

There is also increasing concern that few of the supplies may be time bound and can rot even before it reaches on the hands of end users. 

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Even a responsible figure in the form of CEO of Boskalis namely Peter Berdowski has earlier expressed the concerns that there could be delay for various weeks given the situation. He compared it with a whale which is very huge; hence it becomes a herculean task to remove the same. However, based on the minimal time the ship was freed relates to the commendable efforts of the authorities who have really made pivotal efforts in doing the best they possibly can to ease the situation. 

Now, after the ship will clear the passage, there will be heavy rush of incoming ships which are going to pass through the passage. 

There has been an apology from the company which is the owner of Ever Given. 

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As per the Egyptian local time, strong winds knocked the ship off at around 8: am. The ship was heavily packed with 20,000 containers which are valued at $9 billion. 

Many believe that the accident has happened due to poor visibility which may have arisen out of weather conditions as there has been huge dust storm prevailing at that time. 

Good thing is that there hasn’t been any injury. 

Has there been an accident before?

There has been a similar incident where a Japanese vessel was lodged in the ground under canal water way back in the year 2017.

However, the only exception was that tugboats were able to refloat the ship within hours. 

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