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One of the most neglected spaces is the kitchen pantry — not that it’s rarely visited, it’s just rarely set up aesthetically. It may be just a functional space for many, but why not zhuzh it up? You can do it in a way that makes it easier to clean, you can also upgrade your organization and even just improve your overall productivity with a pleasing design. Along with that, be sure to check out bathroom trade accounts to improve your bathroom aesthetics as well. 

Regardless of the size of your pantry, it’s worth giving it a try. In this article, we shortlist amazing pantry arrangements we’ve seen for pantry rooms and pantry shelves. It’s up to you on how to apply it to your own kitchen context. It’s nice to switch things up every now and then anyway! Perhaps it’s even due time for a pantry cleanout. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve shortlisted a couple of pantry inspos for you. Let’s get started! 

Rustic Look

For a cozy, farmhouse crossed with modernity, integrate light wash wood panellings for the door and the shelves. Coupled with a white wall, you have an extremely stylish pantry that gives off a warm and cozy feeling. You can’t go wrong with white and a light shade of wood. Add some metallic accents of brass, or matte black, to modernize this easy look. It’s simplistic, but still very appealing. 

Neutral Tones

If you want to play it safe, neutral tones are a great go-to and always works. This could work as a standalone shelf too. It’s extremely stunning for an earthy type of aesthetic or a bohemian vibe. Usually, shades of brown used on typical wooden-crafted shelves get the job done. Go for a lighter shade if you have a lighter room, and go for a deeper shade for a darker colored room. 

And if you get coordinating cutlery, storage units, mason jars, and such to complement the shelf, it can stand alone as a statement piece in your kitchen. Add a couple of hooks for towel rags or fruit bags for added personality too, if you’d like. 

Go Dark

It’s not very common for pantries to be dark-colored mainly because it’s a room that sees no natural light. It would be annoying to not be able to see what’s inside your own pantry. But, if you want to try some contrast, why not go for a sophisticated navy or black or grey tones and install some light fixtures on the shelves for added visibility? Not only does it look sleek, it elevates the aesthetic of the kitchen. You’re sure to wow any guest that comes over when you go into your pantry to serve them some snacks.

If you want to make sure your pantry is still cohesive with the rest of your space, you can keep the walls white, so that the shelves and cupboards are more of a statement piece. It adds contrast and dimension, and more importantly, constantly reminds you that you’ve got snacks.

Marvel Over Marble

If you have an open space for your pantry instead of a room, this could be a good opportunity to play into the airiness of the space. Use light colors, white or light grey storage units, flowers, or pampas over a marbled counter or shelf. Marble is so dynamic because it goes well with any accompanying cool-toned color: black, grey, light grey, white, and light neutral shades.

WIth bronze or silver accents, it elevates this corner of your kitchen easily. Marble is a great way to keep things light and bright but still retain a fun splash of texture and extravagance to your pantry. 

Pastels & Colors

With recent trends seeing the return of pastel colors in interior design, you’re definitely in luck if you are into vintage and retro-looking kitchens. A good way to elevate it is to use colors like pastel yellow for a warm-toned look or a pastel blue or green for a cool-toned look. It’s very boho and works well for a very cozy, lived-in look. 

If you want something more flashy but not too distracting, consider getting a statement piece in a bright color to put in the pantry — like maybe a step ladder, a floor lamp, or baskets. This can help add depth and dimension to the pantry.

Organisation Station

If you value organization for maximum functionality and efficiency, emphasize your design elements in the containers you use to store your pantry food! You can color-code them, or keep them all within a color scheme if you can. It’s just easier for you to navigate and you never end up neglecting an item.

If you are going for a minimal look, keeping things neat and orderly can create a clean and sleek look. This is great if you don’t want to update the space and just want to work with the existing space you have. Just group similar sized items together, food types together, herbs and spices together, and so on. A great tip is to divide each shelf space into two or three sections to maintain an organized and symmetrical look. Plus, this means you don’t have to spend extra coin on getting storage bins or extra shelves. 

Dedicated Wine Den 

If you find your wine collection growing and your storage space getting cluttered, it’s a sign that you should create a designated area to keep them all in check. It’s definitely satisfying to see your entire collection laid out and organized. It also gives the space an elevated sense of modern style. 


An aesthetically-pleasing pantry can instantly boost your mood and productivity levels — so why not give it a go? You can do so many things with colors, storage units, lighting, shelves and cutlery, cups, and bowls. Additionally, you can just liven things up with a houseplant or two, or keep it minimal and sleek with a statement light fixture to hold the room together. Hopefully, this article has brought some excitement to decorating and rearranging things around your pantry space. So, get out there and start creating! 

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