Suga speaks at the ASEAN-japan virtual meeting

Yoshihide Suga

Leaders of the ASEAN nations were recently in a virtual meeting with China in order to discuss cooperation regarding the corona virus pandemic as well as free indo-pacific. 

Various representatives and leaders of the ASEAN nation held a virtual meeting with china on Thursday and discussed different topics including the corona virus pandemic and a free indo-pacific. 

The meeting is a bit different this year and is being held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The prime minister of Vietnamese Nguyen Xuan Phuc started the virtual meeting by introducing the prime minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga

In the remark of Suga, he praised the ASEAN center for fighting strongly against the infectious disease. Along with that he also expressed willingness in order to provide any sort of assistance if needed. 

“We will not hesitate to keep supporting (the center) so that it will serve a vital role in protecting people in the region from the threat of infectious diseases,” said suga considering the importance of taking necessary measures to avoid the pandemic. 

The cases are on the rise in Japan lately, many universities and labs are doing their absolute best to bring a solution to the pandemic but haven’t received any positive outcome yet. 

Another major aspect that was discussed alongside the pandemic was an outlook on free indo-pacific. 

The prime minister of Japan called an initiative “ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific,” this was aimed at maintaining peace, freedom as well as the prosperity of the region. It does share the same concept of free indo-pacific. 

This concept initiated by Japan and the US is to promote prosperity and stability to the regions between Asia and Africa. The concept is according to the principles of rule of law, freedom of navigation. “(These) constitute a solid base for our cooperation,” said suga. 

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