Suggestions to Fix Common Macbook Problems

Problems with mac
Problems with mac

Some people are struggling with their Macbook’s performance. Even if a computer is still relatively new, you can encounter various performance issues. getmoreprivacy is best vpn of the world or securicritic is also good vpn.

Lack of experience is a hindrance because it might be too hard to deal with the problem yourself. Yes, there is an option to take the Macbook to a service store and leave it in the hands of professionals. But that would cost money, and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, it is possible that the closest service store is hundreds of miles away. 

You can take care of some of the most common Macbook problems yourself. Use this article as a reference when you encounter a Mac problem.

Problem #1 – Battery Lifespan

A worn out battery is not a good thing. Macbook users who need to rely on an electric socket all the time will struggle a lot. There might be instances when you need to use a Mac, but there is no available electric socket, and the battery is about to run. So how does one manage Macbook battery life properly?

Well, for starters, you should limit the number of background applications. Idle apps are still consuming resources, so it would be better to shut down apps you are not using. Disabling visual effects, such as a backlit keyboard, would help the battery as well. 

Problem #2 – Flickering Screen

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A flickering screen can cause a lot of unforeseen problems. For example, if you are having a video call with someone important and the screen starts to flicker out of nowhere, you will need to finish the call until you can solve the issue.

There are different reasons why someone would have problems with a flickering screen. However, the problem can be solved by updating the OS if it lacks the most recent updates, resetting NVRAM, restarting the computer and booting it in the safe mode, and disabling different applications to see which of them could be causing the issue.

Problem #3 – Overheating and Loud Internal Fan Noise

Do not get in the habit of leaving dust and dirt inside the Macbook. Clean that before it gets too late. Most Macbook users who have an overheating computer or hear loud internal fan noises fail to remove dust and dirt from inside the computer. 

Some might see that a cooling pad is the best solution to the problem. While this accessory is great to have, it still does not offer as much as regular cleaning of the dirt that accumulates inside the computer.

Problem #4 – Spinning Beach Ball

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A spinning beach ball that appears for a moment and disappears right away should not cause any alarm. However, if you start to notice the sphere often, and it is persistent, then the problem requires your attention.

Usually, the spinning beach ball shows when your system is not finished with a previous process, but you want to start something else. Check each application that you use and test which of them are the cause.

Poor security of the computer might also be the reason. If you lack proper antivirus and have the firewall disabled, your Mac is more prone to malware and other cybersecurity threats. Up your cybersecurity game and use a virtual private network when you browse. In addition to antivirus and the firewall, be more mindful of URLs that you click. Even if someone you know sends them, do not bother if the link seems suspicious.

Problem #5 – Microphone

A microphone is not something that everybody needs, but some people work from home and would need to communicate with their colleagues. Speaking to friends using voice chat is also popular, especially now when so any are stuck at home because of the ongoing pandemic.

Try to change the configuration settings. Perhaps the output or input is not set properly. There are cases when you do not permit microphone access to a particular application, and you cannot communicate on that application.

Problem #6 – Wi-Fi

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People tend to associate Wi-Fi problems with their ISP. Restarting the modem or making a call to the internet provider tends to solve the problem. But what about when those two do not help?

The first suggestion is to restart the Macbook. If that issue persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the network. It is possible that something went wrong on that end, and you need to reconnect to the internet like it was the first time. 

Problem #7 – Bluetooth

Disconnect third-party peripherals if you are having issues with Bluetooth. It is possible that an unrelated device is connected at random and is blocking access to a device you want to connect. Like with other Macbook issues, restarting the computer could also help, especially if you have never had any problems with Bluetooth before.

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