Susan Langdon: Canadian Fashion Champion

Canadian Fashion Champion, Susan Langdon, awarded the Order of Canada, which is regarded as one of the highest honours of the country. As per the press release published from Langdon, the governor general, or the executive director of the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) had eventually received the award for her contributions to the fashion industry as an educator, a mentor, an executive which has laid a positive effect Canada’s culture and an economy. Langdon says that she believes in the Canadian Fashion. Langdon also quoted that if an attire is made in Canada, it is ethically made and is of high quality. 

Langdon had further developed relationships with the retail buyers both in the Canada and internationally, and then she went on leveraging her experience to give a feet to the others’ door. Langdon had even helped the Canadian Fashion designers to navigate so that they can raise the capital. She further said that there have been a few angel investors and financial backers in Canada who are interested to invest money in a fashion business. For the people who have been investing in Toronto tech and Toronto tech, there’s nothing much that is left for the fashion entrepreneurs. 

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