Sushant Singh rajput’s Sister Meetu tweets To ‘SSRians’ On Diwali, says ‘Miss U Bhai’

Sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has left so many hearts broken and a heart full of questions. Many hearts are left broken, in agony and tormented with such a disheartening act but out of all, the family of Sushant has got such a painful wound which will be hardly curable. Recently, bhaidooj had arrived and his sister shweta Singh Kirti has tweeted how much she is missing her brother. She was also the one who stood firm in getting justice for ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’. Although, they are wounded with this wound and it is going to take may be whole life and still the place of Sushant cannot be taken by anyone. 

However, family usually does not post on social media but it is some occasions when we can find out they are not healed yet and they are yet to be healed. And those heartfelt tweets and messages have moistened eyes of fans of Sushsant Singh too. So recently Meetu Singh has posted on the eve of Diwali. 

Post of Meetu Singh on the eve of Diwali 

By addressing ‘SSRians’ to the fans of Sushant Singh Rajput on the occasion of Diwali Neetu Singh posted that ‘Happy Diwali to all the SSRians and to those who have been support and part of his journey during hard times. Have a great Diwali, nurture and cherish the love given to you by near and dear ones. That is the real treasure of life’. 

Miss You Bhai..

Meetu Singh was the only one who was there in the Mumbai and she was living there itself. She had been there with Sushant when Chhichhore was about to release and it was just few days before his demise on June 14th

So these occasions are little bit tough for the family of Sushant Singh Rajput. Meetu was the one when all these post- mortem was done and other formalities. She had even given her recorded by central Bureau of investigation and enforcement Directorate. All four sisters must have felt absence of Sushant Singh Rajput because this emotional outburst is definitely difficult for all of them. So on this day, many fans of Sushant Singh Rajput blew candles and lit diyas and celebrated his good memories and prayed for him.  It was tribute all these things lighting diyas in Sushant and his family’s name. On this post Shewta reacted with gratitude and many fans also commented on it.  

This emotional heartfelt wish has left so many people emotional and many eyes again got moistened and many commented on this post. Although, numerous fans commented and prayed for Sushant and showed love and support to Meetu Singh but Sushant will always be remembered in every moment and on every occasion. You can read this tweet that is available on Meetu Singh’s account. And always pray for Sushant Singh Rajput and pray for his soul and always send supporting and love vibrations to his family.

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