Taboo Season 2: A Dramatic Showdown- Release date, Cast And Storyline

taboo season 3
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The Taboo Season 2 finale is here! Last week, we saw the show’s most shocking death yet. As a result of this, there will be no Taboo Season 3. However, that doesn’t mean the end for Taboo fans. The cast and crew are planning on releasing a movie based on Taboo in theatres next year. If you can’t wait to see what happens until then.

Release date:

24 September 2021

Cast and characters:

-James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns to London after 12 years in Africa with 14 stolen diamonds, all of which are cursed

-Evelyn (Oona Chaplin) is James’ half-sister and they share a father

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-“Maman Brigitte” (Sidse Babett Knudsen), the matriarch of Delaney Taboo in 1814.

-George Chichester, Earl of Rawdon (“Edward Hogg”), is the son of a slave owner and Taboo mistress

-Edward Longshanks, Earl of Chester (Aidan Gillen) leads an expedition to capture “Maman Brigitte”

-“Quigley” (Ian Hart), a thug from Delaney Taboo’s past who seeks revenge for James’ father killing his own.

Plot details:

Taboo is involved in the slave trade and slavery, as well as drugs. Taboo has been sending opium to China for years. The East India Company wants Taboo’s ships sunk so they can corner the market on opium. They also want James dead because of his American connections.

Here's why Taboo season 2 starring Tom Hardy is taking so long
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Taboo Season One’s flashback sequences were set in 1814, while Taboo Season Two is set in present-day London. “Maman Brigitte” (Sidse Babett Knudsen) brings a slave trader into her home to perform for James and his guests. James’ cousin George Chichester tells him that Taboo will be sold. Taboo is kidnapped and taken to Africa by “Maman Brigitte”.

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Edward Longshanks, Earl of Chester (Aidan Gillen) leads an expedition to capture Taboo’s mother in 1814. James Delaney (Tom Hardy) and his crew are ambushed by Longshanks’ men, but Taboo manages to return to London with a wounded Jopari.


After being presumed dead by the town of London and his father James Delaney returns to face a past that he had left behind. The only way to save Taboo from regaining control over London is for him to take possession of the land once more, but with Longshanks (Aidan Gillen) determined not to allow Taboo to take London, James’ victories will not come without sacrifice.

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The final battle for control of the city sees father and son pitted against each other in a fight that can only end with one man standing.

In 1814 Edward Longshanks, Earl of Chester leads an expedition to capture Taboos mother. Taboo and his father James Delaney are ambushed. Taboo is presumed dead and his father is taken prisoner to be executed at the Tower of London.

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