Taika Waititi teases the Thor: Love And Thunder script

Live streaming has become a part of daily life for COVID-19 between Zoom, Skype and Instagram meetings, but many people in the industry are using it to bring fans together and at the same time spread some news about upcoming projects. Taika Waititi took to Instagram for a live watch party for THOR: RAGNAROK, and while there was a lot of love for the Marvel movie gameplay change, there was also talk of its follow-up, THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER.

The first mentions of THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER occurred when he brought in a special guest for the watch party, Tessa Thompson, who is slated to return as Valkyrie. Thompson admitted that he has not read the script for the new movie and that’s when Waititi stepped in on the project going through four or five drafts so far:

It is so exaggerated now in the best way. It makes Ragnarok look like a really safe movie, very safe … this new movie looks like we asked a group of 10-year-olds what should be in a movie and we just said yes to everything. “

Waititi also teased a little more about Korg appearing in the new movie and may get more out of him than he bargained for if Waititi wasn’t just playing:

“We mean the culture of Korg, how should I put it? Where is it from … some of the cultural specificities of the Kronans … if you look in the comics, there are some things about how they procreate”

While the majority of the watch party was Waititi showing off her signature wit that has made it one to watch in Hollywood, she also briefly referred to the uncertainty of what will come with filming given that production stops in Australia for the moment. There is still no set time to return given the global pandemic.

Waititi was also asked if we would see more of “Fat Thor” in the new movie, a role that Chris Hemsworth seemed to enjoy playing, and seemed to have gotten over that gag, saying “it’s done” and also said no, don’t expect to see Silver Surfer in the movie, assuming some have speculated that he might be making an appearance. As for the role of Christian Bale or if we were to see Tom Hiddleston’s Loki again, Waititi kept those secrets to himself.

I really like the humor that brought THOR: RAGNAROK because that was a franchise that didn’t need to be taken so seriously, so I’m on board what Waititi has planned for the new movie. I don’t want him going too far overboard, but I am confident he will find the right balance.

Are you waiting for THOR: LOVE AND THRONE? The film now hits the screens in February 18, 2022.

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