Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Reading Too High? Here’s what to do !

Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Reading Too High? Here’s what to do !
Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Reading Too High? Here’s what to do !

Many times, in Tamil Nadu, people complain about their electricity meter reading being too high. To solve this problem, the government of Tamil Nadu along with TNEB and TANGEDCO, has launched a mobile app where one can check TNEB reading details and bill status online. The App is available for free download on Play store and can be used according to following instructions.

Check your TNEB Reading Details in App

Your TNEB consumer account is identified using either a mobile number or your Consumer number. Now, for every consumer, there is a unique consumer number that they need to use for bill checking. According to talkshubh.com , the official TANGEDCO App has the option to register or login using the mobile number. If you have registered your mobile number, you can simply download the TANGEDCO Official App and check your eb bill reading online.

Use your TNEB Consumer number for bill status

Once, you have downloaded the app, you need to login and click on the View Bill option. In that option, you will be asked to search for a TNEB account using your Consumer number. Enter your consumer number and then submit the form. The form upon submission will open your TNEB consumer account and will display all your details along with the unpaid bill amount. Also, there is a bill status option in the information where your TANGEDCO bill status will be shown.

Pay your TNEB Bill online using the TANGEDCO App

The official post at talkshubh.com also tells us the process of making online TNEB Bill payment using the TANGEDCO App. For that, you are required to first check your TNEB bill details and then according to the reading, the calculator tells you what your bill amount is.

Upon calculation, you will be provided with an option to make your TNEB bill payment. For that, you can use multiple payment methods as available there. You can make your payment using Debit card, or credit card or Net banking. You can also make your payment through multiple payment gateways available on the screen. TNEB also provides you option to pay via UPI.

Paytm, Mobikwik and Freecharge also provide TNEB Bill Payment option

Along with the official app. One can also make the TANGEDCO bill payment through online merchants like Paytm or Mobikwik. These websites however do not tell you the actual reading of your electricity bill. Therefore, you cannot check your meter reading on these app.

According to Shubham Agrawal, the founder of Talkshubh, TNEB bill reading details are better to be checked on the official website tnebnet.org or through the official android app available on the Play store.

What if your TNEB reading is too high?

In that case, you can always contact the electricity bill customer care of state of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government provides you with a complaint system where you will have to mention your consumer details and bill amount. You can present your last bills for better understanding of your situation and complaint.

TNEB customer care details are provided on the official website. However, for your ease, you can use following contact details too – 044-28521109 , 044-28524422

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