Tattoo Redo On Netflix- Release Date, Cast And Storyline

tatto redo on netflix

Netflix is a place where we go to escape our reality. With a seemingly endless supply of movies and television shows, it can be easy to get lost in the stories that Netflix has to offer. One show in particular that has captured people’s attention is Tattoo Redo. The tattoo redo show follows tattoo artist Chris Núñez as he helps rethink the tattoos his friends have committed themselves to for life.

Release date:

28 July 2021

Cast and characters:

– Chris Núñez: tattoo artist

– The tattooed friends: tattooees who get second tattoo redos done.

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– Elisa C.: tattoo artist

– Jessica: tattooee who gets tattoo redone.

– Tia L.: tattooee who gets tattoo redone.

– Brandon: tattooee who gets tattoo redone.

Armando and Lili: tattooees who get second tattoo redos done.

Plot details:

Tattoo Redo on Netflix is a tattoo reality program that follows tattoo artists as they help rethink tattoos their friends have committed themselves to for life. The show tackles permanence head-on, but also reveals uncommon insights into personal tattoo journeys revealing what tattooing means to the person being tattooed, and how his or her tattoo has helped shape who they are.

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The tattooees are a diverse group of personalities. Some tattoo recipients have been regretting their tattoo for years and others, like Armando and Lili, get the second tattoo redoes after realizing they made the wrong choice. The show draws out unexpected dynamics ow peer pressure can lead one person to make an impulsive decision that is regretted later on, and how tattooing can lead to a sense of self-actualization.

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The Armando, an artist with many regrets about his first tattoo from more than 20 years ago, to Lili, a tattoo artist who makes some mistakes of her own.

Each episode examines the intersection of tattoo culture and life in an intimate look at people’s lives revealing how tattooing may not be as permanent as we think. Tattoos are about more than just art or skin: they are also stories that help to define us as individuals, even if we change who we are or where we live.

This shift has been driven by our globalized world: tattoo artists are becoming celebrities who can make six figures on social media and they’re tattooing more and more people, including well-known actors who are themselves becoming tattooed celebrities.

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