Ten Tips to Find the Perfect Charm Necklace for Any Occasion

Charm necklaces have made a comeback, creating a fashion buzz this spring and summer. From dressing up a classic turtleneck to finding the perfect gift, charm necklaces are timeless and fun accessories. Women are excited to rediscover all the possibilities that come with choosing charm necklaces. Consider these ten tips to find the perfect charm necklace for any occasion and outfit!

What Are You Wearing?

The first consideration when looking for a charm necklace is what you will be wearing. If you wear a v-neck dress, a shorter harm necklace fits perfectly into the neckline. A turtleneck shirt looks fabulous with a long pendant. Select metals and gemstones to compliment the outfit you want to wear with the necklace. Mix silver earrings with a gold and silver charm necklace. Wear a white pendant against black for a dramatic look. 

Where Are You Going?

Then think about where you will be wearing the necklace. Do you want a dressy piece that sparkles for a night out on the town? Or would prefer a delicate necklace with pearl charms to match a business suit? Find necklaces that match the mood of the venue and occasion. Select a whimsical charm necklace with sparkling accents to wear out to the club with your friends. Find a charm necklace with pretty accents showing your personality to wear to work and around town.

Who Is Wearing the Charm Necklace?

Are you shopping for a necklace for yourself or someone special? Think about the wearer when you shop for gifts. Consider her personal style, height, weight, and basic preferences. Choose a necklace that fits into her wardrobe and will make her feel beautiful when she wears it. Consider adding a personal touch by selecting charms that reflect what she likes, such as her favorite animal or flower.

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How Long Is the Necklace?

Another important consideration when shopping for charm necklaces is the length of the chain. Shorter chains work well with v-necks and strapless shirts and gowns. Medium necklaces fit perfectly over crew necks and shirt collars. A long pendant adds a dash of drama to a basic black dress or mock neck shirt. Make sure the necklace fits the neckline of the shirt so it doesn’t get hidden or tangled. The right length completes the look of your favorite outfit without distractions. 

Do I Want a Pendant or Multiple Charms?

Charm necklaces come in a full range of lengths and designs. Some feature one bold pendant while others have multiple charms. Think about the outfit and accessories to match the necklace perfectly. Pendants give the wearer a chance to make a statement or show off something they like. Multiple charms give the wearer several opportunities to express herself in different ways. From ballet to bowling, there is a myriad of charms available to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. 

What Other Jewelry Are You Wearing?

When you choose charm necklaces, think about the other jewelry you wear regularly. Some women wear certain pieces almost daily, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Take inventory of the jewelry you wear most and choose a charm necklace that fits into your wardrobe. Dare to be different and mix metals or gemstones in a complementary way. Experiment to find pieces that work well together but are individually unique and eye-catching. Mixing the right pieces adds a fashionable flair to the simplest outfits. 

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What Is Your Body Type?

The longer the charm necklace, the more you should consider your body type and whether the jewelry lays properly when you wear it. If the pendant lands in your cleavage, you may want a shorter or longer chain. For heavier women, a charm necklace might rest on the part of your waist or stomach that doesn’t flatter your overall look. Be objective when you try on the necklace and consider a different size chain to work best. 

How Tall Are You?

Height also matters when you choose a charm necklace or pendant. A very long necklace might look odd on a shorter frame, while a short necklace could get lost in a thick or wrinkled neck. Be honest about your height and weight when shopping for necklaces so you can always look your best. Select necklaces that showcase your better features without making your least favorite ones obvious. 

Does the Necklace Match Your Face and Hair?

Face shape and hairstyle are other considerations when shopping for the perfect charm necklaces to bring out your beauty. Long hair might hide a delicate piece or get tangled in certain thick chains. A huge necklace may overwhelm a small face and frame. Bold pieces are beautiful with a short haircut to draw attention to the neckline. Keep your favorite features in mind when choosing a necklace to get more attention. 

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Is It a Statement Piece?

Are you searching for a statement piece? Statement jewelry reflects your unique sense of style and what you love in the world. From elephants and butterflies to flowers and hearts, there are various items featured in charm necklaces. Another option is choosing charms that show off something you like to do with your time, such as parenting or dancing. When you wear the necklace, it tells a story about you – one of the biggest benefits of wearing charm necklaces and bracelets. Plus, you can buy thoughtful charms as gifts for women you love to add to their statement pieces. 

Charm necklaces have been around for generations and are here to stay. Today they are a trendy part of every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Thoughtfully selected charm necklaces become an integral part of your classic jewelry closet in the future. Take the time to select a necklace that fits your face shape, body type, personality, and fashion style, so you will enjoy wearing it for years to come. Consider choosing the ideal charm necklace for the most special women in your life to let them know how much you care and notice their individual sense of style.

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