That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You staff : Teenagers these days are full of instant catchphrases and comebacks. They have also started to use internet language in real life like to say the word “lol” about things they find funny. Many of these catchphrases used by teenagers are internet famous and viral ones. One such phrase is “that wasn’t very cash money of you”. It is a catchphrase and an exploitable which originated via Tumblr in 2014. It was also a famous meme that gave the Tumblr users a good laugh. 

What Does “That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You” Mean?

What does “that wasn’t very cash money of you” mean? First is a catchphrase associated with the drawing of Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wearing sunglasses. In that picture, Sayaka says, “that wasn’t very cash money of you”, indicating that it was not a cool thing to do. It was then used to call out a person when they made a terrible move that might have dire consequences or that hurt somebody.  

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It was later turned into an exploitive. An exploitable is a single “meme template” that is manipulated into using different ways to convey a similar message as the original picture. So, for example, even though the above phrase initially used only Sayaka’s picture, people later swapped her photo with different other images, usually of a person wearing a sunglass saying the exact phrase. 

What Does “That Was Very Cash Money Of You” Mean?

Although the term “that was cash money of you” is not used, it means that it was a cool thing or move to make by a person.  

The phrase “cash money” means to be cool. Now, in today’s generation, each person has a different ideology of what is cool and what is not. Most teenagers generally associate a popular and attractive girl or a guy with a mainstream personality of the one in high school dramas as with a cool person. On the other hand, some people consider a person with a unique and appealing personality as a cool person. However, the differing definitions of “cool” do not change the meaning of the catchphrase. 

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Where Did “That Wasn’t Very Cash Money” Start From?

The phrase initially originated from the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, which is a dark and mystical anime with middle school girls as the protagonist. Sayaka Miki is one of the characters who say the phrase “ “that wasn’t very cash money of you”, from which it became a famous catchphrase for Tumblr users.

Memes and exploitable are nowadays a find way to convey important messages in a humorous way, and many artists around the world have started to adapt to the new internet style of art and have started making memes and keeping the legacy of memes going on with such phrases like the “that wasn’t very cash money of you”. 

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