The 10 Best Guns of SHOT Show 2020


SHOT Show is the annual trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the most important event related to this industry, the SHOT Show exhibits all kinds of things related to shooting sports, rifle optics, hunting, outdoor accessories, and much more.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation organizes it, and every year its participants get to see their old favorite guns and a myriad of new and innovative designs. This annual show is on the bucket list of many professional and recreational hunters and sport shooters.

As the SHOT Show 2021 was canceled due to the current circumstances, let’s look back at the ten best guns showcased last year.

  1. Bergara B14 R

B14 R is a precision rimfire rifle by Bergara that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Its accuracy makes this rifle stand out among the other guns in the same category, but this configuration has much more to offer. Its quality is what man users point out, which is evident immediately after holding B14 R in your hands. Furthermore, there are numerous adjustable features in the design, such as LOP and cheek riser.

  1. Browning X-Bolt Long-Range Hunter

This rifle has one of the Browning’s features they typically use on their competition shotguns – a cheek riser. This allows for the perfect eye alignment regardless of the face shape and shooting angle. Also, the barrel design on the X-Bolt Long-Range Hunter is the main reason why this rifle proudly owns such accuracy.

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  1. Glock G44

Glock G44 brings something innovative and never seen before on this market. It’s a rimfire Glock pistol that caught the attention of many for several reasons. It features a hybrid steel slide, a Glock Marksman barrel, and easily adjustable rear sights. Additionally, this gun is also a perfect choice for beginners, as it’s relatively lightweight and affordable.

  1. Kel-Tec P17

Kel-Tec’s P17 .22 LR was one of the most talked-about guns at the 2020 SHOT Show. Its clean design and precision are almost unreal when compared to the price of this gun. P17 is compact, making it easy to carry around and even conceal. The overall design of the P17 is traditional, so you’ll know you’re holding a Kel-Tec.

  1. Laugo Arms Alien 9mm

Just by looking at the Alien pistol, you can tell it’s not just an ordinary gun. Its unique and very modern design is what most people are amazed by when it comes to this pistol. However, the Alien has more to offer than its looks. It’s a gas-piston operated pistol with a fixed barrel, primarily intended for military purposes. However, you can get this pistol too, but prepare to pay a larger sum for it.

  1. Mossberg 940 JM Pro
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This 12-gauge autoloader is primarily built for competitive purposes, and it can empty out the entire magazine quite fast. What makes this gun special is an innovative gas system and fat loading port. The Mossberg 940 JM Pro made a positive impression on the public during the 2020 SHOT Show, so it has to be mentioned in this list too. 

  1. New Colt Python .357 Mag.

The new and relaunched Python is the perfect example of a traditional revolver with a modern twist. The New Colt Python has all the best elements of the old-school revolver Colt is known for and several innovative features that make this gun stand out. The timeless design of stainless steel barrels, frames, and cylinders is combined with a brand-new trigger system.

  1. Savage Arms Renegauge

You can’t escape recoil if the topic is shotguns. Recoil is what makes shotguns what they are, but companies are always looking at ways to minimize the kickback effect. That’s why Savage Arms came up with a brand-new semi-automatic shotgun named Renegauge. While the recoil is unavoidable, the Renegauge makes it much more pleasant, and that’s why this shotgun is among the top 10.

  1. SIG Sauer Cross Rifle
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SIG Sauer is known for its innovative designs, so it’s not that strange they did it again. This time, the Cross rifle strikes with a precision-adjustable stock that can be folded by simply pressing the button. Furthermore, as this rifle can even be operated with one hand, it showcases just how much you can take advantage of the short rifle stock. 

  1. Volquartsen Ultralite Modshot Rimfire

Volquartsen’s Ultralite Modshot is among the lightest rimfire configurations on the market. Its feather-like weight is provided by the aluminum and carbon-fiber stock combined with the ultra-light barrel. With a standard rail mounted on top, this configuration also supports several optics options.


All in all, there are numerous great configurations of all types and brands currently on the market. With trade shows such as SHOT Show, companies can present some of their best designs. Many other configurations are worth checking out, but these are the ones that made it to the top 10.

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