The 41 worst video game movies of all time, ranked


1. Only in the dark (2005)

It should probably not be surprising that this truly terrible film adaptation directed by Christian Slater, the worst video game movie of all time, is directed by the king of bad film adaptations, Uwe Boll.

Blair Erickson, the writer of the original script of Alone in the Dark, said this to "Fortunately, Dr. Boll was able to hire his loyal hack team to create something much better than our crappy story and add all kinds of terrifying essential elements of horror movies, such as opening doors to alternative dimensions, blond archaeologists, sex scenes, crazy scientists, viscous dog monsters, army special forces designed to fight viscous CG dog monsters, Tara Reid, battles of "Matrix" slow-motion weapons and car chases. Oh, yes, and a ten-minute opening story scroll read aloud to the illiterate public, the only people able to successfully miss all the negative reviews. "

Metacritical Metascore: 9 of 100
Rotten tomatoes: 1%

Updated:Subtitle:Fox van allenPhoto:Lionsgate Films


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