The 5 most important mistakes of the film – E.T.

Top 5 Movie Mistakes - E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial

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The 1982 classic by Steven Spielberg, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL is an untouchable limit film. Everyone loves him. For millions of people, it returns to their childhood, a warm and diffuse nostalgia that, unlike many films, remains intact when it is seen again as an adult. But it was also a heavy film of special effects made in the 1980s. The puppeteer of E.T. It was constantly limiting and blue screen technology was still in its teens, so, although its resonance with the public is not questioned, like all films, it is not yet immune to the mistakes of the film!

In this episode of Top 5 Movie Mistakes we are seeing some of the best mistakes and errors contained in ET, and especially the mistakes that Spielberg would later solve in the relaunch of the 20th anniversary in 2002. Unlike George Lucas, he quickly realized that Fans were not particularly interested in a CGI version of ET and chose to discontinue the special edition version. Which, in this era of high definition, leaves us with only the original cut of 1982 (mistakes and everything!) For future generations to enjoy. From the visible puzzle players to the shadows of the crew members and the handlebars that disappear, when it comes to Movie Mistakes … there's a bit of everything in E.T.!


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