The advance of season 4 of Stranger Things responds to the great cliffhanger of season 3


We finally know who was behind the door at the end of Stranger thing Season 3, It turns out it was a familiar face.

[Ed. Note: For those who are blind, this post contains a large spoiler of Strange things season 4.]

The first advance of season 4, which Netflix launched on Friday morning, confirms that Hopper is alive. But it is not exactly right, chained somewhere in a remote and snowy part of Russia.

The advance does not give us many details. The camera travels through a Russian prison camp, with dozens of guards and prisoners building a railroad. As we approach a prisoner, the camera stops and Hawkins Sheriff Jim Hopper turns around.

Hopper was last seen in Hawkins, during season 3, in the secret laboratory below the Star Court Mall, and was presumed dead after he heroically destroyed the machine that was prepared to bring backward creatures into our reality. But, in the final scene of season 3, it was revealed that somewhere in a remote prison in Russia, an American was kept alive in a cell.

According to the advance, it is difficult to say something about the current state of Hopper. He has a shaved head and doesn't seem excited to be in the snow working on a railroad. But is it the same Hopper who saved his loved ones in Hawkins? Or have your brain been washed? The good news is that if he is now a sleeping Russian agent, we already know that David Harbor can do the accent thanks to a good Marvel training for Black widow.

Season 4's teaser is called "From Russia With Love," a nod to the 1963 film Sean Connery Bond of the same name. The history of the film involves a lot of Russian intrigue and espionage, so it is safe to assume that we will get something similar here. It is also worth noting that part of From Russia with love It takes place in the Orient Express, a long-distance passenger train, which together with the railway under construction, could mean that the trains will fulfill a purpose in the new season.

The preview cuts to black immediately after seeing Hopper and gives us no clue as to when the show will debut. Netflix launched last year's season on July 4, but previous seasons were launched in October, so there is no way of knowing. But wait Strange things Season 4 sometime later this year.


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