The Batman bat signal revealed by Commissioner Gordon Actor Jeffrey Wright


We have another new revelation for The batman in the form of our first look at the new Bat Signal. Jeffrey Wright, who plays commissioner Jim Gordon in the film, shared the image personally after Robert Pattinson's revelation in the bat suit. The two things certainly go hand in hand, since the Bat Signal has always been a sign that Gotham City needs the services of the Layer Crusader.

Director Matt Reeves shared a video that shows test images of Robert Pattinson disguised as our new Batman who, despite some comparisons with Daredevil, thanks to the red light, seemed to be very well received by fans. Jeffrey Wright decided to participate in the fun by also retweeting Reeves' post and sharing a picture of the bat signal illuminating the sky over Gotham City. Wright did not provide a title with the photo. Rather, he let the image speak. The image is blurred and does not give us too much information, but we can see a little of the blurred city skyline in the background.

One thing to note is that, in this The batman photo at least, it seems to be just a basic reflector. There does not appear to be a Batman symbol on the light. Again, it could be that they are hiding any juicy revelation at the moment. In any case, when combined with the revelation of the costumes, it serves as a small reminder that, after years of development, this movie is finally underway, and the filming currently underway in the UK Warner Bros. originally began develop the project with Ben Affleck, who intended to direct and star what would have been a very Different version Not only because he had been connected to the DCEU, but Deathstroke, for example, became the main villain.

Apart from the above Twilight Robert Pattinson as our new Bruce Wayne, the cast also includes Zoe Kravitz (Fantastic animals: the crimes of Grindelwald) as Catwoman, Paul Dano (There will be blood) as Riddler, Colin Farrell (Dumbo) as Penguin, Andy Serkis (Black Panther) as Alfred Pennyworth, John Turturro (Transformers) as Carmine Falcone and Peter Sarsgaard (Black mass) as Gil Colson and newcomer Jamie Lawson as Bella Real. Matt Reeves, in addition to directing, also wrote the script.

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The plot details remain largely locked and locked. Matt Reeves explained earlier that the film will focus more on the character's abilities as a detective in a story influenced by black. It has also come to light that we will see Bruce Wayne during his second year as Gotham's most notorious crime fighter. The batman It is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. We will make sure to keep you informed as more details become available. Be sure to check the publication of Jeffrey Wright's Twitter for you.

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