The Benefits of a DNA Repair Cream

DNA Repair Cream

Nowadays, there is a skin revolution going on across the globe. The clamor for the ideal skincare regimen has begun. The perfect beauty of Koreans was the trigger for the quest to have flawlessly beautiful skin. So while you clean your face regularly and religiously, more and more trends come up every day. Daily facial masks, regular spa treatments, scheduled pore refiners, and a 12-step skin routine are just some of the several things to do by a skin-conscious person. However, did you know that a DNA repair cream is possibly the answer to your skincare woes? 

DNA (also known as deoxyribonucleic acid) is a unique, two-stranded molecule. Containing the genetic code, it can make or break a living being via the proteins necessary for daily bodily functions. Environmental exposure (tobacco smoke, ultraviolet rays of the sun, etc.) and specific inevitable chemical changes damage the cells. This damage will manifest via premature aging, several types of cancer, and other illnesses. Fortunately, recent studies show that these cells can be repaired and reversed by special enzymes, such as telomerase found in a DNA repair cream. It protects, improves, and rebuilds telomeres – the rounded caps at the end of chromosomes – which replenishes the body’s tissues as they age. Aside from that, this wonder cream can also do the following:

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Evens skin tone and reduce wrinkles

DNA damage does not happen overnight. Excessive alcohol intake, unchecked stress, and sugary foods contribute to eventual skin impairment. It is accumulated over time and shows when a person ages via wrinkles and fine lines. Premature aging also makes evident the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark spots. It all happens because the telomeres inside the body become shorter, causing a chemical reaction that duplicates unhealthy cells. So the use of a DNA repair cream can help visibly reduce the tell-tale signs of aging by lessening the manifestation of facial creases and furrows and minimize unwanted brown tints on the skin. 

An effective skin moisturizer

People who used DNA creams swear that it hydrates the skin better than regular moisturizers. It improves the texture of dry skin via its luxurious moisturizing properties. When the lotion is applied regularly, it makes skin smoother and less prone to dry-skin itching. It also has a bonus of being a skin-firmer. Some creams even have an extra ingredient called crushed pearl (which is an additional collagen boost), amino acids, polysaccharides, and proteins to keep skin glowing and youthful. 

Suitable for all types of skin

When you check the internet, you will read several horror stories and reviews about skincare merchandise. Some had rashes and a puffed-up face. The worst was when someone took a quick trip to the emergency room because of severe breathing problems. And when the doctor asked, the reason was due to a facial product that a friend highly recommended. 

Unfortunately, not all personal facial care products are suitable for everyone. It may be best for you, but may not be appropriate for another person. But a DNA repair cream is different. All people have DNA, so there is no reason for any allergic reactions. 

The anti-aging market is hungry for immediate results. But prevention will always be better than cure. Sunblock, the right amount of shade under the sun, vitamins and minerals, less stress, avoiding environmental pollutants, and a DNA cream are best skincare practices for glowing, healthier-looking skin. 

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