The best board games in 2020: Lord of the Rings, Mansions of Madness and more


Table games They have experienced a creative renaissance in recent years, and although some people might be inclined to dust off classic games such as chess, checkers, the court or monopoly, board games have come a long way since the twentieth century. Many games now involve complex problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination or complex strategies. Others leave room for additional card expansion packages that open new variations of rules and game styles. But the best board games are not only fun for children, they also present an exciting challenge for serious players.

Not surprisingly, the topics often focus on Dungeons and dragons style fantasy, science fiction battles, zombie attacks and supernatural lovecraftian pranks. Some popular board games, such as the recent Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, combine miniature figures, map mosaics and a highly polished tablet application that handles part of the card and combat management for you.

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So here are some of the best board games for 2020, any of which can turn game night into an epic adventure with real competition to win. Feel ambitious and want create your own additional accessories, game pieces or card holders with a 3D printer? We also have that covered.

Do you have your own suggestions? Let me know your selections of board games in the comments or on Twitter.


The latest version of this zombie-filled game series takes the action of a distant mining colony, where zombie aliens unite with boss monsters directly from Doom. One to six players counterattack, usually using their problem-solving skills to pick up some McGuffins and reach the exit when swarms of xenos flood the map. This party game is very fun, easy to learn and learn.

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The cult classic gets a great game full of comic style art, great miniatures and many stories. The most expensive collector's edition increases the number of minis beyond 100 and includes a great idea that I would love to see more frequently: a random mission generator for endless mixing and combining scenarios.


There have been a handful of Minecraft card games and board games, but this new one, revealed at Minecon 2019, feels like the most ambitious yet. In fact, it extracts resources with small blocks of wood and combines the construction with multitudes of struggle.

Fantasy Flight Games

It is time to reunite the community. This is a great game to join four other players (or just as a solo player) to go through Middle-earth by moving sculpted miniatures looking great around the map mosaics. There is a free, but mandatory, application available on iOS, Android and through Steam, which tells you how to design the map mosaics and which monsters to fight against. It also provides a certain amount of randomization. It also provides a certain amount of randomization to challenge even the most reflective strategies and skills. Created from scratch as an application-based board game, it facilitates configuration and learning.

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Another giant box game. This is one of my favorites because it includes tons of tiles that you can use to create a haunted mansion, plus dozens of plastic miniatures for researchers and monsters. The atmosphere is definitely classic of Lovecraft, and this board game really requires you to use its complementary application, which creates the design, generates monsters and even adds sound effects.

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This game inspired by Universal Monsters is a fun mix of nostalgia and modern board games, facing players against all the classic Universal Movie monsters of the 40s and 50s, from the Werewolf to Dracula. Just don't accidentally call Frankenstein's Monster "Frankenstein," or I subtweeted you.

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The best Star Wars game I've played in years is not a video game: it is this fun and challenging board strategy game, where rebel heroes fight through various skirmishes with imperial forces. There is a fantastic complementary application that not only teaches you to play, but also handles storytelling and enemy location, so you don't have to guess. The miniatures are fantastic and include a giant AT-S. Add-ons and expansions are sold separately and can add dozens of new figures. Fun fact: this is actually a remixed version of a game called Descent: Journeys in the Dark, so check it out if you want a game that plays as Imperial Assault, but with a fantasy theme like Dungeons & Dragons or Game of Thrones

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Get those "you're going to need a bigger boat" jokes from your system now. This new and intelligent two-part strategy game is asymmetric, which means that one player is the super shark dominated, and the other players are unlucky humans, who need to combine their strategic thinking, skills and resources in order to survive and win. . The best feature is the game board, which flips from the beaches of Amity Island in the first half, to the Quint boat in the second half. (The shark eats it gradually).

Steam forged games

As a longtime Resident Evil fan, I had to snatch this right away. Like many large board games, it started as a Kickstarter project, but is now available on Amazon and other retailers. Unlike arcade and zombie games like Zombicide, the atmosphere here is much closer to the horror sensation of survival of Resident Evil video games. If you have a 3D printer, there are plenty of accessories, including 3D walls, doors and typewriters, which you can download and print to replace the cardboard chips that come with the game.

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A simplified version of the subgenre of the game Lovecraftian. This is strictly a card-based game, so there are no map pieces or plastic pieces. Even so, it has an incredible narrative narrative, which consists of placing location cards on the table to give each player a clear picture of what is happening and where. If you like this, it is a "living card game", which means that new card packages are regularly released.


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