The Best Data Recovery Solution for Your Small Business

Data loss is very common these days. Although technology has made several storage devices but losing your whole data is only one click away. You can recover data from the system backup of the device. If you are not able to recover data from the device’s backup system, here is the guide to recover data and the best data recovery solution for you. It includes the features of different data recovery software along with their benefits, and how they can help you with data recovery for your business.

  1. iBoysoft Data Recovery:

iBoysoft data recovery is best for recovering files from the recycle bin, damaged hard drive, or corrupted system. It can recover all pictures, videos, emails, documents, audios, and videos. It can recover data from other storage devices which include  SD cards, USB files, or other devices. It supports all file types and scans the document in the computer, and recognizes its location. With the free version, you can enjoy free data recovery up to 1GB. The professional version offers a 7-day trial and supports all data loss scenarios. 

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  1. Disk Drill Data recovery software:

Disk drill recovery software is the most trusted recovery software by all users. It has a sophisticated logarithm system that can perform quick scans. It can recover all files type and performs deep scans that can recover data from the damaged or corrupted hard drive. It can recover and restore data from Windows and Mac. With the free version, you can recover 500MB of data. With the premium version, you can recover unlimited data.

  1. Wondershare recover it:

A wondershare data recovery software is a good option if you have lost your data due to a virus-infected system. The software scans every byte on your storage device. The response time of this recovery software is very fast. It doesn’t cause any damage to the hard drive or your operating system. It is tested and verified recovery software. The premium version of this recovery software has an affordable price. It can recover data from all storage devices like SD cards, USB devices, or other storage devices.

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  1. Recuva:

Recuva can restore all pictures, videos, documents, and other file types. It recovers data from a damaged hard drive and has high data recovery techniques to restore data from a corrupted or virus-infected hard drive. The premium version of this data recovery software is economical and affordable for small businesses. With the premium version, you can get virtual help from experts if you are unable to recover data.

  1. R-Studio Data recovery software:

R-studio recovery software can recover lost data from Windows or Mac. This is the best for recovering lost data from local disks, removable disks, or unbootable disks. It has an advanced recovery algorithm that can perform quick and deep scans and helps to restore data. It can clone your hard drive and copy the data so, in case if your hard drive is damaged the data remains protected. It can also repair the hard drive. This is the best choice for those who want to recover data as well as repairing the damaged hard drive.

  1. Mintoool Power Data Recovery:
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This software can recover any deleted file, partition loss file, or faulty hard drive, or virus-infected system. Minitool power data recovery software supports all file types whether it’s NTFS,exFAT, HFS, FAT32. The free version does not have advanced benefits you have to go for the premium version to recover unlimited data, for performing quick and deep scans to search the particular file.


The data recovery software is designed in such a way that any person can use it. These programs have an automatic data recovery system that automatically scans the data. The free and premium versions are available so you can choose according to the specific problem.

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