The best EE telephony offers in January 2020


EE has managed to forge a reputation for the best network in the United Kingdom, accumulating awards, recognitions and the position of the fastest 4G network in the United Kingdom, so taking this into account, EE telephone offers will be an obvious choice for many.

Competing with Vodafone, Three and O2 as one of the four main networks, EE has managed to stay above the rest and remains the preferred option for many. Most of that is due to the available speeds, but that is not the only benefit.

With all EE telephone offers, customers have the ability to give data to other EE customers, call over Wi-Fi and, depending on the type of plan they choose, gain access to a variety of subscription services without data.

But with all these benefits and its brilliant reputation, EE can often become one of the most expensive networks, so you need to shop around. Going directly to the EE website will probably hit you with some higher monthly costs.

Instead, many third-party retailers [, Carphone Warehouse and others] will be where you can find offer price points and big data plans. Below you will find a price comparison table for the best smartphones in the world and some individual options for EE phone deals on a variety of phones.

And if you're not sure if EE is the network you want to be in, go to our mobile phone deals guide to compare all available networks at once.

The best offers of Huawei P30 Pro in the US:

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