The best gifts that readers need in 2020: iPad, Kindle vs. Fire and more


If you have a voracious reader in your life, you know, the type that accumulates piles of books in your home and makes strategic plans to overcome them, the gift of an affordable e-book reader could be the best gift they have ever received. Amazon and Apple offer a good selection of options for reading books with ease, including Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire Tablet and iPad Mini; You should be able to find one that suits your recipient's particular needs.

EBook readers and e-books Make great gifts for any bookworm in your life. On the one hand, your loved one will not even need a bookcase or book plates, although a good book corner is still recommended. E-book readers will look beautiful on your coffee table, bookshelf or bedside table.

Second, anyone who receives a book or a ebook The reader as a gift is going to be vocally grateful, since nobody wants to be labeled "not a person from the book." Also, they will eventually have to read the book, right? Win, win.

Yes, the Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook reader are still available, but without access to the Amazon book library and the foggy hardware and software support in the future, it is difficult to make a case to read about them.

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If you are looking for a Kindle to leave in the back pocket of an airplane (when you take a break from reading your book to "rest your eyes"), this is the one you should get, simply because it is very economical. The latest version of this e-book reader has an updated body and includes a built-in book light (you know, so you don't have to use one on your head when you wake up late with a cup of coffee or tea), but the Better screen and higher resolution on the Paperwhite still surpass it by a mile and make it the favorite of readers. You will fall into a new world, like Alice in Wonderland. Just don't read aloud if you wake up late!

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Although not much has changed in recent years, Paperwhite is still the default Kindle to give the book enthusiast in his life. It is readable, the backlight makes it ideal for reading chapter books of your favorite author in dark and sunny situations, in addition, it is often discounted, which means more money for your book budget … which means more reading! Perfect!

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Amazon's high-end Kindle is too expensive for what it is. But at the same time, it is an extraordinary update of the reading in the standard Paperwhite. I was updated on the first day of last summer, and I was impressed by the best of the Oasis in terms of readability and responsiveness. In addition, the physical page change buttons make you feel as if you are reading a real chapter book. Amazon makes many offers about it and be careful with the redemption bonuses from previous Kindles to get a reasonable price.

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Amazon Fire tablets no longer have "Kindle" in the name, but they still work very well as electronic readers. The Fire 7 generally costs $ 39, which is less than an expensive hardcover book (but not powerful enough to be your daily multimedia tablet). For reading books, just keep in mind that it is not an electronic ink screen, just an old LCD screen. But, on the other hand, it is in color, so it is perfect for reading a story with images, such as a graphic novel or an illustrated book.

In addition to the 7-inch model, you can also see the 8-inch Fire HD 8 and the Fire HD 10 iPad type.

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The best iPad for e-books is the iPad Mini pocket and recently renovated. The size and weight are perfect (even smaller than a book), and in addition to reading your favorite book, you can do all the other great things you can do with an iPad. Again, this is not an E Ink screen, so it is not perfect for reading books, but it is a great all-in-one device.

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What about the real titles?

And to fill that Kindle, Fire tablet or iPad, of course you will need a great book or 12. A book subscription It is a perfect gift (with monthly options selected for your recipient) and beyond that, we have included a selection list of books. The ideas on this list represent something we have been reading lately (more selected selections from known authors who have honored our CNET Book Club podcast).

Remember, there is a whole world of books, from Pride and prejudice to A game of thrones (or the whole A song of ice and fire series in a set of boxes), from forbidden books to series of chapter books. You can even give a subscription to The New York Times, if you want to think outside the box when it comes to reading material! And no, whether you pick up a digital book or a physical dead tree book, we don't judge. It's your story Reading is a joy, so it's still the perfect gift.

Now get comfortable, put on coffee (or tea) and start reading!

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Book n. 3: Josh Frank's horse giraffe salad
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Book # 4: Team Human by Douglass Rushkoff
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