The Best Mobile Sudoku

Are you looking for a way to have fun and clear your head at home? Then challenge yourself with the Sudoku free puzzle game. It has a wide range of games to discover that are engaging and mind-blowing.

The mobile Sudoku number puzzle is the best and just as good as using the actual paper and pencil. You are free to access and play your favorite number counting game from any place you go and at any time. Besides, you can download the game and play it offline.

This article helps you understand what the best Sudoku puzzle entails, its features, how to play the game, and why you need to play the game. Read on for more.

What is a Sudoku puzzle?

Sudoku is a number game for a single player. You solve the game by logically placing the numbers. Your main goal is to fill numbers 1-9 in an 81 cell grid and ensure that the digits only appear once in every column, row, and 3×3 sub-boxes. As a player, make sure that there is no repetition of the numbers.

The game is easy to learn and master. It does not require any special math skills and calculations. You need to understand the basics, concentrate, and do more practice by playing it daily. 

Sudoku games have over 10000 classic puzzle games. The game comes in six levels of difficulty; fast, medium, easy, expert, hard, and giant. Besides, there is a classic Sudoku for both beginners and advanced players. You can never get bored.

 You can jog your mind, memory, and logical thinking by playing easy Sudoku or give your mind a real exercise by trying the medium and hard Sudoku levels.

Features Of The Best Mobile Sudoku Puzzle

The best Sudoku puzzle provides the gamer with features for easy gaming experience. They include: 

  • Unique trophies. After completing your daily Sudoku challenge, you receive a special trophy. That way, the gamer is encouraged to continue playing to get more.
  • Auto check. You enable auto-check to make you notice your weak areas as you continue playing.
  • Take part in regular events to win medals. Sudoku puzzle games allow players to engage in gaming competitions. The winner gets awarded a medal. The feature enables players to improve their techniques to remain competitive. 
  • Notes feature. Just like the actual paper and pencil, playing the free number puzzle on mobile provides you with the feature to take  notes. Your notes become automatically updated every time you fill a cell. Therefore, you can easily read through your notes and discover some mistakes you might have made when playing your game.
  • Underline duplicates. For the player to win a Sudoku game, there should be no number of repetitions in every column, 3×3 sub-boxes or row. Therefore, the gamer can turn on the highlight feature to avoid repetitions by showing the repeated numbers.
  • Hints. There are those points you may feel stuck not knowing what exactly to do. The hints help you think of a better plan to win the game.
  • Statistics. The puzzle game gives you information about your performance at different difficulty levels. Therefore, you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unlimited undo. Mistakes are inevitable while playing. You may realize that you have matching numbers in a column. Quickly pick it back.
  • Color themes. Players can design their Sudoku kingdom by choosing their preferred color theme from the three appearances. Therefore, you can still have fun, even at night.
  • Auto-save. At a point, you can fail to complete your game with numbers. Therefore, the app automatically saves it. You will continue playing from where you left anytime, anywhere.
  • Eraser. You use it to rub all the mistakes in your free number game.

How To Play Sudoku Game

The popular Japanese puzzle game is fun and easy to play. The rules for the game are pretty simple. Also, there is a flexible gradation of complexity. You don’t need to have some special math skills and calculations to play it successfully. All you need to do is to master the basics and put all your concentration into the game.

Your aim as the player is to fill in a 9×9 grid with numbers. Each row, column, and the 3×3 sub-boxes should have digits ranging from 1 to 9. When you begin the game, a part of the squares in the 9×9 grid will have digits. What you should do is logically complete the grid by filling in the missing numbers.

You should note that you have made the wrong move when:

  • Any row has more than one of similar digits: 1 to 9
  • Any column has over one of the identical digits; 1 to 9
  • Any 3×3 grids have over one of the same digit; 1 to 9 

Here are some helpful tips to boost your Sudoku skills and help you complete your Sudoku number puzzle:

  • Check out for columns, rows, and 3×3 sections that have five or more digits. Work on the empty cells remaining by trying to fit in the numbers that are missing. Make sure you don’t repeat the numbers when filling your favorite Sudoku puzzle.
  • Visually break up the grid into three rows and three columns. Every large column will contain 3, 3×3 grids and every row will consist of 3, 3×3 grids. Check out grids with more than one of the same digit.

Why You Need To Play Sudoku Number Puzzle

  • The game helps improve concentration
  • Requires no math skills
  • It’s very engaging and fun
  • It is free; everyone can afford it
  • Stimulates you to let go of the negative thoughts
  • Enable players to engage in healthy competitions
  • You can play Sudoku anytime, anywhere
  • Freshens up the mind
  • You can easily access and play the game
  • Encourages a sense of order

Sudoku number puzzle is the best mobile game to play. The game is engaging and poses a lot of benefits for players who take part in it. The puzzle comes in six levels of difficulty that suit both beginners and advanced learners. Besides, its eye-catching features make the game more entertaining and easy to navigate. The best part is that you can play the game either online or offline from any place, anytime. 

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