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PDF or portable document format files are confusing for the first time user because it’s a less adjustable feature. Although it is one of the most used formats globally for its straightforward and excellent features. Many people don’t have a vast amount of knowledge on how to operate a PDF file on its full potential.

Different kinds of file formats are used in our daily digital lives like Word, Exel, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets for presentation. All of these file formats have their sole purpose in our daily endeavors for this digital generation. The requirement of using the right file format should be followed to avoid confusion and be more organized.

We are having a PDF file being the most used file format. It is an exact copy of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, font, vector graphics, images, and other information that are on display. This generation’s essential is to share and print documents in an efficient way and at a much faster pace. Hence, The purpose of a handy PDF reader with PDFbear.

PDF Reader With PDFbear

As I have said earlier, A PDF file is a usually straightforward copy of a fixed-layout flat document to share and print it efficiently and at a much faster pace. But there are moments that you need to adjust and change a specific text, font, or a picture in your PDF file. Modifying something in a pdf file might be troublesome without an appropriate tool.

This is where a PDFbear comes in to offer it’s helping hand. PDFbear is a free online tool to utilize your PDFfiles needs. One of it’s best features is the free PDF reader; it allows you to navigate your PDF and add or remove certain things to your satisfaction. For example, you can change the text, font, or images of your PDF file.

Steps on How to Use PDF Reader

The First Step in previewing your PDF file online is selecting your chosen file that you want to preview or edit. You can also use their new drag and drop system for a much less hassle-free uploading your desired file. Then wait for about less than a minute for your file to be uploaded to their network.

Second Step, Once you’re done uploading your file to their system. The PDF reader will present your file in a viewable format allowing you to navigate throughout the file. You can also edit, share, print the file if you want to. 

Third Step, Once you’re done editing the file to your specific needs, you are ready to download your file. You can effortlessly download it by just clicking “download” to save the new version of your PDF file. All you need to do next is to wait for your file to be downloaded; this last step usually takes about 1-2 minutes tops depending on your internet connection.


With it’s simple and straightforward superb functions. One of PDFbear’s best assets is its security. PDFbear ensures that it will keep your files safe when using their tool; It uses SSL encryption to provide you with a safe environment when transferring your files. So you can safely navigate your files when using their PDF reader.


PDF files might be a little bit confusing for first-time users. With a lot of options to choose from on what tool we should use in our documents. Thank god there is a PDFbear tool to help us with our needs. Giving us a simple and straightforward service on how to preview, edit, or even convert a file from a document to a different document format.

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